Devil kid on EWTN?

On a secular forum I frequent, someone has posted about a brief scene they saw on EWTN, featuring a kid who was apparently portraying a demon (with a similarly-dressed adult presumably representing Satan). The kid was advising an audience – likely other demons, in the manner of The Screwtape Letters – on their goal of increasing mistrust for priests in the popular mind.

Unfortunately, because the speaker was a child, the poster on the other forum came away with the notion that EWTN was encouraging the idea that kids who claim sexual abuse are lying to bring down priests. I’m sure that wasn’t the point being made, but if anyone recognizes the scene I’m talking about, I’d really like to know if there is a way to see the whole thing in context, so as to report the truth to the other forum.



I believe the show is Knights of Saint John or Knights of Saint Michael. It is one of the many “skits” they do. I am not a big fan of the show, but I do find the devil skit funny. I dont think many other people see it as very popular either so I doubt they have episodes on the internet.

In the ONE episode I saw, the devils (a boy and an older man) go over ways to deceive the world and, much like in the Prayer to Saint Michael, roam the world seeking the ruin of souls. One would have to hardly listen/watch it at all to see it to have anything to do with pedofilia. Such an accusation is slander, calumny, and a simple lie.

I just checked EWTN’s You tube Channel and did not come up with anything for Knights of Saint Michael OR St John.

Perhaps you could e-mail EWTN directly and see what you might be able to find out.


I can’t speak to the episode you speak of, but the show is called “The Knights of St Michael”

It’s one of the childrens shows. There has been about 9 or 10 seasons I believe.
Big majority of the cast is made up of the La Hood children.

Yeah, it’s the Knights of St. Michael. They have a couple segments on the show. The one you were viewing was “Mr. and Mini Positive” about “Big” devil (Mr. Positive) and a little devil (Mini Positive) who discuss how they’re going to lead man astray.

I actually saw the episode you were talking about. I don’t think it was trying to promote child molestation but rather condemn the bigoted people who generalize all priests because some (not most, not all) are abusive.

And that’s the point it was trying to make.

God bless :thumbsup:


Unfortunately my girlfriends and I have a confusing problem with (not the message of the show…which should undoubtedly be the focus), but the heavy amounts of make-up they pile on the female actors, and the huge “celebrity” hair they wear. They do look just like Protestant women on those Evangelist Shows. But then, someone told me that EWTN has a lot of Protestant Producers and Employees there. It looked as if Carmen Electra with a kid from Tots and Tiaras, were trying to teach “us” about morals. The delivery was obscure to say the least.

Now, I know because I am a female, I will be told to get a life, don’t be jealous, and/or if I was hot I’d want the world to notice, etc etc etc. Or “if you got it flaunt it”. But I honor a modest dress and decorum. And I feel I am beautiful this way, as I am. Purely and simply feminine and very happy to be. I don’t try to enhance my femininity to the point that I look like a female with too much testosterone >.>. We try to counter the “sleazy common” look that is bombarded on us everyday. Tammy Faye Baker, Dolly Parton, still look over the top even if they wear a “modest” Sweat Pants Outfit. Us females get so many conflicted messages, it’s sad. Don’t even get me started about women showing up for mass in stilettos and mini skirts sigh

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