Devil unchained for 100 years


I think it was Leo XIII that had the vision of the devil being unchained for 100 years. When did, or will it start? I am guessing there is not one correct answer, but what is your estimation?


It’s over. I believe the vision was in 1878, and the hundred years ended (coincidentally) in 1978, the year John Paul II was elected.

That’s where we got the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel that used to be prayed after every Mass.

Funny, my DH and I were just talking about this the other day. He’s great with dates, so I’m pretty sure this is correct.



I knew when the vision was, but that does not necessesarily mean that it happened starting at the vision does it? I believe it is still going on, especially with abortion, stem cell research, and all the other abominations!


I’ve never seen any Church approved version of a vision Pope Leo XIII
saw. Has anyone?

I have serious doubts the dialogue I’ve seen on some sights attributed to this vision can be remotely trusted.


Good points. I’ve heard also that the 20th Century was the devil’s. Now that the 21st has started, it will take a bit of time to undo the mischief of the 20th. The recent Supreme Court decision upholding the partial birth abortion ban is a good start, don’t you think?



Of Course, but then there are so many new things like lesbian conceptions etc.!


I don’t think we are dependent on the span of 100 years to come up with new ways to sin. There were big sins before the 100 years and there will be big sins after it.

I guess that’s why private revelation is always an optional belief for anyone other than the visionary. There’s a lot of room for varying interpretations.



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