DeVos vows to end Common Core at Michigan rally with Trump


DeVos vows to end Common Core at Michigan rally with Trump

By Gabby Morrongiello 12/9/16 Washington Examiner

President-elect Trump was joined by his pick for secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, at a “Thank You” rally Friday night in her home state of Michigan.

DeVos, a longtime school choice advocate and billionaire GOP donor, was tapped by Trump to head the Education Department late last month after impressing him and Vice President-elect Mike Pence with her understanding of education policy and dedication to improving public education and expanding charter schools in the Great Lake State…


She said "… Federalized Common Core… ".

AND she called herself an ACTIVIST.

Obama has been an activist … for massive government intrusion and control, but he’s a “progressive” and she is more of an activist for parents and children.

It always made me sad when parents lined up for blocks to sign their kids up for charter schools and were turned away because the charter schools ran out of seats and ran out of funding.

So, now there should be plenty of seats and plenty of funding.


Where is the money supposed to come from? Whether it goes to public schools or charter schools (which will become the public schools of the future if all public school funds are directed towards them), most states do not have enough money to fund schools.


I think a lot of states have more money for education than they realize.

When you have public schools with top heavy bureaucrats pulling 6 figures, situations where some public schools have multiple principals, vice-principals, and administrators in the same school, committees which force textbook updates frequently, even if the information doesn’t change (e.g. algebra, phonics, life science, spelling, etc.), extra-curricular activities which have nothing to do with the core education mission (diversity days, LBGTQ clubs, etc.), and legislators who promise some new features (e.g. lottery) will be earmarked for schools while raiding that same fund for other projects, the waste in time, resources and money is tremendous.

Add to that onerous requirements for new teachers – some states have programs to fast track retired professionals into teaching which is great – and in some states an over-emphasis on sports to the exclusion of the main educational requirements, plus the inability to separate disruptive children from the school and being forced in some instances to provide 3 meals a day for low-income/illegal children and the problem compounds.

Personally, I think the Federal government should get out of education completely. The Department of Education should be a small blue-ribbon panel, meeting every few years or so, commissioned by Congress under Article I Section 8 (establish weights and measures) to develop a minimum acceptable curriculum for students K-12 outlining the core competency areas and skills that students should know by graduation.

Then let the States decide how to implement it. The only rule is you have to meet the minimum curriculum. Any State who wants to attract businesses and residents will be compelled to exceed that standard to compete. Let the states handle all funding and administration. We should be encouraged to look to our States for solutions, and not to the Federal Government.


Then I guess it’s time for schools to look at cutting their budgets and figuring out if they really need a lot of the fat (believe me, they don’t) that they have.


And yet they never manage to get rid of the fat. Transferring the money to charter schools will only cause the charter schools, especially those run by public corporations, to become fat.

Basically, the issue, in my opinion, is that we don’t value children. Afterall, they are currently takers, (yes, they may become makers, but they aren’t there yet), and we don’t value teachers, since they are just encouraging the little takers.


The only problem with what you have stated is the core competency areas and skills being developed by the Federal Government. Sounds like Common Core.


“Common Core” is yet another experiment. Time for it, and other experiments, to end. Competence in reading, writing and arithmetic is the foundation. Followed by history and civics. And respect.

That way, for those who make it to College, less time has to be spent teaching them these foundational skills.



How true!! I see a rebellion coming with the teachers union though. Their union officials are some of the biggest fat cats in the game. Unions have outlived their usefulness. Good teachers should be teaching, bad teachers should go find something else they are good at.


:thumbsup: well said!!!


Glad to see this choice for secretary of education.

No doubt more evidence to the media that Trump is in full retreat

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Charter schools already are public schools, by definition.
Federal spending on k12 education accounts for about 8% of total spending. The idea that states can’t fund their own schools (like they’re supposed to) isn’t supported by the facts


It teacher in a public charter, and we operate on a razor thin budget



That’s exactly what Common Core is: standards for competence in reading, writing, and arithmetic.


Yep. Common Core is standards . In most places, the issue isn’t standards, it is curriculum. It’s how the standards are interpreted and implemented.


Then it would seem that the thing to do is not to get rid of standards, but to properly interpret and implement them.


More importantly, eliminate federal money used to coerce certain interpretations and implementations.
Common Core is not, per se, a federal creation, but Race to the Top money "encourages " states to apply them.


I’m not a fan, at all, of much of the Common Core curriculums that have been put out by the major textbook publishers. And the PARCC tests (the Common Core-compliant standardized tests that many states are using) are downright ridiculous and worthy only of being tossed into the trash.

So I’m not necessarily opposed to ending Common Core’s ties to federal money, so that states can implement their own appropriate standards.

But the charter school situation in Michigan has largely been a disaster (and in Ohio to the south, but that was John Kasich’s doing). Too many schools starting up too fast, too little oversight, a huge amount of scandals. Charter schools can be great if done right – but the situation in Michigan is very problematic, and I worry about what will happen with DeVos as Secretary of Education.


are charter schools part of the public school system?
I thought they were separate and could set their own curriculum.
what exactly is a charter school?

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