Devotion to Mary

I pray the rosary everyday. Other than that, I rarely ever speak to the Blessed Mother. I don’t think I’ve ever had enough devotion to Mary. I rarely ever turn to any of the Saints. I once had a strong devotion to St. Monica, the mother of St Augustine, but that ended. I read about the Saints all the time and they all seemed to have a strong deovotion to the Blessed Mother that I’ve never had. I’m in a period in which my faith is in serious danger and I sort of need her more than ever. I have this pilgrimage statue of the the Blessed Mother that’s going to be at my house for a week but I can’t bring myself to pray before it because I’ve never been one who venerates religious statues.

How do I become closer to the Mother if Christ? Is it an offense for me to constantly ignore her?

I wish I could help, but I think I am in an identical place when it comes to a devotion to Mary. I never have and I don’t know how, so I have never tried. But I am not struggling in my Faith as you indicate you are. I realize that Mary has helped bring many people comfort and closer to Jesus, but not having a devotion to her has not hindered my spiritual growth. I wish you luck and encourage you on your spiritual journey. I will check back into this posting to see if you find anything that helps. Good luck and God Bless–Rebecca

what is your relationship with your own mother, or what was it (if she has passed away)? no need to answer here, but material for private reflection.

One small thing that may help, check out the 55 minute show from Aug. 15 on CA Radio, “Marian Dogmas throughout History”. I learned some things, and the presenter did a pretty good job explaining the true meaning of Mary’s role. He is also someone who is petitioning the Church to create a new Dogma that Mary is the Mother of all Christians, he speaks about that process…

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