Devotion To Our Lady Is Necessary For Salvation


This an exhortation to anyone who would wish to be saved.

"All gifts, virtues, and graces of the Holy Ghost are administered by the hands of Mary to whomsoever she desires, when she desires, in the maner she desires, and to whatever degree she desires. Mary is the dispensatrix of all the graces God bestows. Every grace granted to man in this life has three successive steps: from God it comes to Christ, and from Christ to the Virgin, and from the Virgin it descends to us."

"Every grace which is communicated has a three-fold origin: it flows from God to Christ, from Christ to the Virgin, and from the Virgin to us."

"Mary has the greatest and clearest claims to our homage and praise: she is the salvation of the world; our dependence upon the august Mary is complete and universal. There is neither on earth nor in Heaven any justified soul, any one of the Elect, who does not owe Mary his justice and his glory."

"Many have proved invincibly, from the sentiments of the Fathers -
among others: St. Augustine, St. Ephrem, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, St. Germanus of Constantinople, St. John Damascene, St. Anselm, St. Bernard, St. Bernardine, St. Thomas, and St. Bonaventure - that devotion to Our Most Blessed Virgin is necessary for salvation, and that it is an infallible mark of reprobation to have no esteem or love for the Holy Virgin while,
on the other hand, it is an infallible mark of predestination to be entirely and truly devoted to her."

"Mary is the whole hope of our salvation."

"If our life were not under the protection of Mary, we might tremble for our perseverance and salvation. In her hands Jesus has placed His almighty power in the order of salvation. All the graces of salvation, both the natural and the spiritual, will be given to us by Mary."

"The Child is not found without Mary, His Mother. If, then it is impossible to separate what God has united, it is also certain that you cannot find Jesus except with Mary and through Mary."

"If you persevere till death in true devotion to Mary, your salvation is certain."

"In the multitude of the Elect she shall have praise, and among the blessed she shall be blessed."

"Christ entrusted to His Mother’s maternal care the mission of making the Church a single family. Yes, in Mary we have the bond of communion for all of us who, through Faith and Baptism, are disciples and brothers of Jesus."

"However great a sinner may have been, if he shows himself devout to Mary he will never perish."

"He who is devout to the Virgin Mother will certainly never be lost."

"The servants of Mary are as certain of getting to Paradise as though they were already there. Who are they who are saved, and reign in Heaven? Surely, those for whom the Queen of Mercy intercedes. The clients of Mary will necessarily be saved."


Let’s pray that the Pope will proclaim the fifth Marian dogma. Maybe letters, calls and e-mails to the bishops and Cardinals to sign the petition will also help.


Thank you, roguejim. Excellent post.


I disagree. I that were the case, it seems we’d be called Marians, not Christians. There are nothing other that opinions even though they be from saints, that all Gods graces flow from God to Christ, then from Christ to Mary, then from Mary to us…

I just feel that if that were the case there would be a whole lot more of Mary and the necessity of devotion to her (sorry, not Her) in the scriptures, instead, you find her guiding you to her Son…

Tell me what other than men’s opinions would indicated that she dispenses graces in the manner claimed by St. Bernardine of Sienna or others, popes or not.

I feel God used Mary to bring my own heart towards the Lord, but that doesn’t mean she was made the dispensatrix of the graces of the Holy Spirit…:shrug:

I pray to her for her prayers and help, and have a devotion to her, but I really think these saints go too far.


um, isn’t your subject title contrary to Church teaching? as much as i wish everyone had a devotion to her, Our Lady is necessary, but a devotion to her is not.


Some of the greatest praises to Jesus we can do can be found in Matthew 25. When you were hungry you fed me… etc…
Honoring and loving Mary are integral to the faith. But perhaps living the Gospels and feeding the poor, etc… as “we can not be saved by faith alone.” What I mean is it may be far more vital to living God’s message by carrying out the Matthew 25 (the Gospel of Matthew)…


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Devotion To Our Lady Is Necessary For Salvation

See, it’s nonsensical statements such as this that cause so much trouble for Catholics in dealing with the rest of Christians and among the reasons they misunderstand us and accuse us of worshipping Mary.

One need not have a devotion to Mary, one need never pray the Hail Mary or any Marian prayer, one need never pray the rosary or even UTTER the name of Mary to be saved. As a Catholic I’m both offended and appalled at this statement which is NOT based on Church teaching.


The Bible does not teach that devotion to Mary is necessary for salvation. Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ and belief in same; God saves, His mother plays no role in salvation itself. She does not have the authority/power to save. See all biblical references to salvation and you will never see a mention of Mary as being in this process of salvation. Not one reference.


More importantly, the Church does not teach that devotion to Mary is necessary for salvation.


In fact, to place Mary on the same level with God the Father and God the Son, in any way, is not only erroneous but worse. She is the Mother of God and is to be exalted as such. Her role in salvation? In the Gospels, no one mentions going via Mary to be saved. This is absent in Paul’s exhortations to seek salvation. Salvation is thru Jesus Christ Our Lord, not His Mother. Virtually every misconception of God begins with a failure to understand just who He is. If salvation depends upon Mary, then God is not who He says He is, and we all know what that means re our accepting of that point of view. God is not less than God. To have Mary as a necessary connection re salvation is to diminish the role and person of God, not a good thing to be involved in. Let us keep Mary in her proper place and not on the same level with the Trinity, please.


But neither is this anything new. It happens every single time we close the Bible and choose to go with what we think the reality of the situation is. Close my Bible and I can conjure up all sorts of what ifs and unusual doctrines. Close my Bible and I am lost to truth. Truth is not whatever we say it is, truth is what the Bible says to us. But certainly, straying from accepted biblical truth is nothing new, and look where it leads. This is precisely why there are hundreds upon hundreds of denominations out there, each with its own version of “the truth”.


True. Clearly.

Devotion to Our Lady is a very importart aspect of the Catholic faith – and probably the ideal Catholic does have a great devotion to Our Lady, who is, after all, the Queen of Heaven – but it cannot be said to necessary for Salvation. The word “necessary” wrongfully places Mary on the same level as Christ. Not kosher.


Most of us agree that Mary is not necessary for salvation, but going back to the original post, what shall we make of all those quotes seeming to exalt Mary beyond her true role? I don’t think they are correct, but nevertheless it is disturbing that those well-known laymen and saints actually made those statements. Perhaps they are taken out of context but it does not appear so. So if we agree that Mary is not necessary for salvation, from whence come these statements by well respected sources? Not that I agree with them, but why did they say what they said?


This is obviously wrong headed. Mary plays the role of the new Eve in the New Testament. It is her humility compared to Eve’s ambition that is essential for salvation.

Mary is also the helpmate of Christ as Adam had a helpmate in Eve. Jesus is flesh of Mary’s flesh and bone of Mary’s bone.

Finally, her willingness to agree with His plan for salvation is the ultimate intercession. Had she not been immaculate and overflowing with grace, she might have fallen during His Passion and knowing who He was, demanded that He stop the Passion.

Since He was perfect and kept the commandments perfectly, He would have obeyed her in honoring her as the fourth commandment states.

Mary’s intercession is essential and necessary. God will not hear the prayers of the sinner except for those of repentence. He will hear Mary’s prayers on our behalf and those of the other saints and Angels.


The saints are persuasive. The Popes are moreso. A case can be argued that the constant agreement of the Popes indicates an exercise in the ordinary infallible Magisterium of the Church.
Hence, the Cardinals are asking for an ex Cathedra definition.


Some are and some are not. The ones like that attributed to St. Ignatius of Antioch do appear in St. Alphonsus’ The Glories of Mary but they are spurious.

One interesting view was that of Newman which can be read here. Also interesting is this other statement with regard to his and Monfort’s views which can be found at EWTN.


No question that nine tenths of what you just said is absolutely correct, except for the part about salvation. No biblical authority for it. Of course there are references to Mary, but not for her role in our obtaining salvation. Jesus nowhere exhorts us to pray to His Mother. As a matter of fact, He says to pray to the FATHER. In the garden, He prayed to His Father. Did not also ask his mother to pray to the Father for him. Paul never mentions a word about Mary vis a vis salvation. This, to me, is pretty compelling. Surely in all his Epistles, Paul would have mentioned it. Especially in Romans. But mention of Mary in connection with salvation is conspicuously absent. Why is this? Why is no outright mention of Mary/Salvation mentioned in the NT?


I am really interested in the Aquinas quote.


Can we shift this a little bit and ask what the Catholic church teaches about Mary and Salvation? I don’t think the Bible teaches it but what about the official position of the Church, and this I do not know the answer to…

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