Devotion to saints

I hear some Catholics say like something happened to them and they get better. They say that a saint healed them. don’t they realize that only Christ can heal? All saints do is intercede on our behalf.

You are correct, only God can heal us, but the intercession of saints do “help”

They’re using shorthand to say that God healed them through the intercession of a particular saint, not that the saint him/herself did it. The saints can impart God’s graces to us, as given to them through the Holy Spirit, so the gift of healing can be given through them just as through a “living” priest anointing with oil. In both instances, though, neither could do anything without God working through them.

To White Peony:

When the youth Eutychus (sp?) fell out of a window and died while listening to St. Paul’s sermon, St. Paul came and raised him up from the dead. We all know it was through the power of Christ, but Christ USED St. Paul as a HELPER, did He not?.

I’m pretty sure that Eutychus said, “Praise the Lord and THANK YOU PAUL” and didn’t act as though St. Paul had nothing to do with it by being willing to let the Lord work through Him. . .


God bless :byzsoc:


I get what your saying some of us take it over the top . Some us do not understand that the saint prays for us but GOd grants the approval for good things to happen and then makes them happen not the saint .

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