Devotion to St. Michael

Does anyone have a devotion to St. Michael the Archangel? If so, what brought you to that devotion?

I am beginning to develop one. I am a martial artist, so I know what it means to fight and to prepare to fight. So I find myself drawn to St. Michael. He seems to be the epitomy of a soldier for God, fighting for souls, fighting for right against evil. How awesome!

I wear a St. Michael medal and pray his chaplet everyday. I needed special protection against temptation and he is great at providing that! :slight_smile:

I’ve not heard of his chaplet. Only the Prayer to St. Michael, which I pray at night before bed.

My girlfriend is using this chaplet:

Here’s the chaplet.

It’s prayed on a different pattern of beads than a Rosary. It looks like this:

My four year old daughter has an absolute devotion to him. It’s the strangest thing- I, because of my devotion to Our Lady, naturally encouraged that devotion, thinking that she’d respond, but it wasn’t until I taught her about St. Michael that her eyes really lit up.

She learned the St. Michael prayer in less than two days, begged me to find a poster of him to hang in her room, has long conversations with him, while meditation on said poster, and never ever neglects the St. Michael prayer during our family decade of the Rosary.

She tries to teach the prayer to her daddy, but he’s not catching on as quickly as she’d like and she’s beginning to get disappointed with him :wink:

When she gets a little older, I’m planning on teaching her the St. Michael chaplet.


Funny this came up. Today when I bought my rosary, I also bought a statue of St Michael for one of my twin boys. His middle name is Michael and we named him after St Michael. He had been begging for a statue of him and I found one today.

I started asking for St. Michael’s protection a couple of months back when I was experiencing some troubling dreams. Before bed, I always said a small prayer, and the dreams stopped coming.

The odd thing is that about a month ago I ordered some books from TAN, and I apparently left a small booklet on St. Michael in my Shopping Cart (even though I was positive I had taken it out :o ), and it arrived. I was actually more excited about this little booklet than the books I ordered! :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, a friend gave me a visor clip of St. Michael.

A lot of “coincidences.” I’m almost certain it has something to do with my devotion to the Blessed Mother…

I wear a St. Michael medel every day. He is very special to me. It’s hard to tell with him about intervention because he is such a good servent of God and doesn’t take any credit. Tim

I went to Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame. There is a history at the college that when the school was in its early days, some women were raped on campus. The Sisters of the Holy Cross bought a Saint Michael statue and placed it outside of Holy Cross Hall. They paid to have it lit, and at all times on Saint Mary’s campus, the Saint Michael statue is lit up. Each dorm on campus has a St. Michael statue to guard the entrance or foyer.

Since going to St. Mary’s I have acquired a devotion to St. Michael. I am working on a painting of him to place in my entrance of my new home. I truly believe that he defends us in our daily battle against evil.

I have not been able to find a St. Michael statue to fit my liking. I know angels are almost always depicted as having feminine or childlike facial features, but to me St. Michael is a fighter and a warrior and should have a body & face that looks as such.

That’s cool!


And my little twinkie took his statue to school today! LOL I was cleaning their room and it’s no where to be found! I’m sure he took to school! :cool:

Saint Michael’s Media, of which my DH and I are significant supporters, has a very strong devotion to Saint Michael. And in a response to this, The Legion of Saint Michael was created.

From the website:

The Legion of Saint Michael is a lay Catholic organization whose membership is open to anyone in like mind with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Its purpose is to unite the faithful in prayer, lead members to deeper holiness, and to support the efforts of Saint Michael’s Media, which is committed to overcoming the darkness in the secular media.

The Legion of Saint Michael claims as its patron Saint Michael the Archangel, the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, champion of the Church Militant and defender of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Its patroness is Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ. Together they form an invincible shield against the powers of darkness, and can always be counted on for assistance in spiritual battle.

Members of the Legion are called to participate in the spiritual war which is “not against flesh and blood, but . . . against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ep 6:12) Taking the actions and mandate of the Archangel as our pattern and model, we seek to fight against and vanquish the tendency and desire to sin which we flawed humans find within our own souls.

Take a look at the site - there are a number of prayers to Saint Michael, as well as some really wonderful and interesting information about angels, and the spiritual warfare we are all engaged in.


I tend to have bad dreams quite often especially when I have problem breathing while sleeping. So, for this thread, I started to pray the Chaplet last night.

Oh, boy … I had bad dream right after falling asleep. Well, it didn’t discourage me at all, I woke up and asked St. Michael to protect me. Right after, I had a great sleep. :slight_smile:

I did the same once. :slight_smile:

You were doing something right, by praying the Chaplet, and something didn’t want you to continue. A good friend of mine had the same experience the night after lending me her supply of holy water and blessed salt for my home. She had wicked horrible dreams, woke up, said the St. Michael prayer, and was fine for the rest of the night. Next time she saw me, she said she knew just from the dream how badly my family needed the water and salt, and that she’d ticked something off by lending them to me. Same thing with the Chaplet for you- keep it up!


Thanks for sharing. You know the chaplet had been introduced to me by my girlfriend, but I had put it off for 1/2 year. I am happy I am back to this devotion. :slight_smile:

We had a human-size statue of St. Michael at the church, I will post it up sometime soon to this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks be to God!

I tend to have bad dreams quite often especially when I have problem breathing while sleeping. So, for this thread, I started to pray the Chaplet last night.

Not to derail the thread, but have you been checked for Sleep Apnea?

How about this one:
You can buy it here.

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