devotion to the Eucharist


Some of us have a deep devotion for the Eucharist and when you use it to promote your politics we are willing to sacrifice our life to stop that.


It’s not about politics in the least. It’s about protecting the Eucharist from a potential sacrilege and scandal.


[quote=Lorik]It’s not about politics in the least. It’s about protecting the Eucharist from a potential sacrilege and scandal.

That is what I am doing in opposing Archbishop Raymond Burke protesting the Eucharist from a potential sacrilege and scandal and I ask "What percent of your congregation do not go up and receive the Blessed Sacrament because they are in mortal sin? I understand about 10% used to receive. What percent of your congregation are at confession even just before Easter? So many in mortal sin receiving. This is sad, but what IF some bishop should deny the blessed Sacrament for ulterior motives? We already have established corruption in American bishops. We have a presidential campaign involving BILLIONS of dollars. I don’t know about you, but last time I confessed, I asked to avoid the OCASSION of sin. Just to be on the safe side, I DEMAND an independent financial audit of archbishop Raymond Burke. Why would anyone object to that?


We cannot judge those who do not make their sins public, we can judge the words and actions of those who do…

The old saying is adaptable.

If you are a sinner keep it between you, your confessor and God. Don’t do or say anything in public that would remove anyones doubt.


Sorry I am an old-fashioned traditional Catholic who tries to set an example by leading a life of sacrifice for others and doing as the Blessed Virgin did at Fatima and ask ALL souls go to heaven and pray divine mercy chaplets. This idea os getting rid of the mortal sinners too radical for me. Yes, 50 years ago people in mortal sin didn’t go up. Not many went up and many were going to confession. I have trouble pointing out sinners. I am in the background saying the Jesus prayer “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner” but isn’t it fun to blow up ragheads in the name of pro-life and to get the gays and get the pro-choice people? Makes you feel real good. Makes me feel sad. I am wondering if there are better ways of getting them to repent.


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