Devotion to the Sacred Heart info


I just wanted to share some info about a well-known, beautiful and powerful devotion, the devotion to the Sacred Heart.
Know about it or not, I hope you will read about this devotion, and be encouraged to practice or think about practicing this devotion.

Let us all be devoted to Christ, and share Him and the Gospel to others, by word and deed. Let us be the light of the world for God’s glory.

I truly recommend this devotion, and I hope that many of us will share it for God’s glory.


It’s great that you want to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart.
I just wanted to note that while the particular page you posted doesn’t seem to have anything bad on it concerning the Sacred Heart, the group who runs that website, Sisters of Carmel, are schismatic. They are not in communion with their bishop, nor are they officially part of the Carmelite order. Therefore it’s better not to be posting their Web pages or promoting them here.

There are lots of other pages with Sacred Heart devotional info that are not maintained by questionable groups. For example, here’s a good page by Catholic Culture.

Here’s a page by EWTN with many Sacred Heart devotions and prayers.

Thank you. I changed it now.

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