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I just finished reading an article in the November 10 issue of America: The National Catholic Weekly regarding how devotion to the Sacred heart needs to be revived so that, thorugh it, the new evangelization might be revitalized. Rev. David M. Knight, the author of the article, claims that the Sacred Heart is a summary of all our religion and is the fundamental center of all Catholic spirituality.

However, devotion to the Divine Mercy continues to gain in popularity and continues to be heralded by devotees in like manner – as the summary of all our religion and as the fundamental center of Catholic spirituality.

While it’s true that neither devotion is anti-thetical or contradictory to the other, do you believe, in your opinion, that one devotion might be more comprehensive in its understanding of Catholic faith and dogma than the other? If so, which? and why?


Deo Gratias !
And thank you, as well, for posting this question, as I’d been wondering about it recently. I have an image of the Sacred Heart in just about every room of my house - just matter of routine…but learning more about Divine Mercy (images of which I had amidst holy cards, etc.).

I’m skipping the poll - at this immediate moment - but was wondering. I have items with pictures of the Sacred Heart - not full picture of Divine Mercy - saying ***“I will bless every place in which a picture of My Heart shall be exposed and honored.” ***So, is it the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ image that this promise applies to? Could this apply to Divine Mercy image? The difference is the rays coming from the Heart. I have St. Faustina’s book but haven’t read it in detail.


I don’t see them as being antithetical - I’d go so far as to say that they are interrelated (how can burning love and abundant mercy NOT be interrelated?).

I also don’t think ANY private devotion can rightly be seen as in any way a comprehensive summary of Catholic faith and dogma. Also, while the Sacred Heart devotion is richer, I’d say that’s simply because it’s been around much longer, hence more saints and Doctors of the Church and theologians have both practiced it and written about it.


There is a promise attached to veneration of the Divine Mercy image in any event -

“I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish. I also promise victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory.” (St Faustina’s Diary 48)

Not quite as sweeping as the promise attached to the Sacred Heart image, though.

CAF apologist Fr Vincent Serpa gave an opinion a while back that a Divine Mercy image could be used in the ‘enthronement’ ceremony sometimes used for Sacred Heart images. His comment, if memory serves, was ‘His Divine Mercy comes from His Sacred Heart, after all’.

So the two can perhaps be seen as so closely connected that the promises attached to the one devotion transfer to the other.


The two are closely related. They are two different manifestations of God’s merciful love in different times and places.

There are even a couple of images available that “blend” the two:


It’s true. If you look at some pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - they’re just from His Heart up - but the face is quite similar to the Divine Mercy Image which shows rays coming out.

Let’s face it - it’s still Jesus - still His Sacred Heart. I’m keeping both images around the house…No harm in covering as many bases as possible. I need all the Heavenly Mercy, Grace and Blessings I can get.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I believe in Thy Love for me.
Sweet Heart of Jesus, be Thou my love.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us !


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