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I just found these sites as well:


Background of the Divine Mercy Devotion

The Chaplet (itself)

Never heard of it before. Thanks! :hug3:


Many, many Protestants are extremely queasy about the Rosary. I would not recommend starting there if a person is uncomfortable with it. Our Lady understands if it takes a while for a non-Catholic to open up to her. She’s probably engineering the entire voyage from behind the scenes anyway. She does that.

I can think of almost no “Protestant” devotion that would be “outside” Catholic teaching. Protestants “talk” to God, meditate on Scripture, . . . We do that.

As for a recommendation: Sitting in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Maybe while meditating on Scripture. The Sacrament need not be exposed. Just go to a church, find “the box” and park yourself in a receptive frame of mind. Just BE with Jesus. :thumbsup:


I have used this one. It is pretty good…light, but thought provoking.


You would be referring to “the digital rosary.” Very high tech.:smiley:

Seriously, you might try the Divine Mercy chaplet: It’s about half as long as the Rosary and lends itself very well to chanting (see ). It’s a very pleasant devotion to Our Lord.

:blessyou:Love the recommendation of the Divine Mercy chaplet. Besides, it’s a twofer because you pray it on a “regular” rosary.

As for not knowing where to get one, just give $5 to any of about 40 Catholic charities, and you’ll get a free rosary almost every week!


Explains the concept

Aquinas says

"Now life is shown principally by two actions, knowledge and movement. The philosophers of old, not being able to rise above their imagination, supposed that the principle of these actions was something corporeal: for they asserted that only bodies were real things; and that what is not corporeal is nothing: hence they maintained that the soul is something corporeal. This opinion can be proved to be false in many ways; but we shall make use of only one proof, based on universal and certain principles, which shows clearly that the soul is not a body. "

p.s. animal’s current souls are temperal, as with our current bodies, while human souls are aeviternal. i.e. last forever, so we cannot risk harming our souls, but can risk harming animals or plants, as they will either ciese to be or be recreated (body and soul). Soul literally means life, so all living things have souls, to intentionally deny this is heresy, but mostly it is unintentional, and is only materially so. Human souls are different from Angel souls, although of one species of soul, and wherein the difference is oft termed “accidental”, the fact being the positions of the two, man, the heirs, angels which are already perfect, or utterly deformed.

the Catechism says

"359 "In reality it is only in the mystery of the Word made flesh that the mystery of man truly becomes clear."224

St. Paul tells us that the human race takes its origin from two men: Adam and Christ. . . the first man, Adam, he says, became a living soul, the last Adam a life-giving spirit. the first Adam was made by the last Adam, from whom he also received his soul, to give him life… the second Adam stamped his image on the first Adam when he created him. That is why he took on himself the role and the name of the first Adam, in order that he might not lose what he had made in his own image. the first Adam, the last Adam: the first had a beginning, the last knows no end. the last Adam is indeed the first; as he himself says: "I am the first and the last."225"

Summary on animal life

So, the soul animate (c.f. anima- latin - soul) the body, and allows intelligence. God is life itself, spirit, as the bible says, so our soul is our part which most manifests him, when not in sin, and harmful habit, or state.

Animals temporarially manifest life, but may again become channels of life later. Man has an eternal life, and in that an “eternal” (aeviternal for both) soul.



What protestants wrongly call devotionals, are what Catholics call spiritual reading, or bible commentaries.

On devotionals

Spiritual reading

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I think she would probably enjoy the Magnificant, since it has all the daily Mass readings and some prayers, definitely tells about the Saints, etc…


And the GORGEOUS daily devotional readings from the Fathers, the saints! Magnificat is very well worth the $39.00 annual subscription ($69 for two years). I even bought the pricey black leather cover for it. :wink:


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