Devotional bible

For those that use these types of bibles, would you go for a kindle version, or a book version?

I guess the question is, does one prefer reading a paper book or reading on an electronic device. I prefer actual books. Even when I look up a Bible passage on the computer, my eyes quickly glaze over, and I find myself looking up the same passage in one of my actual Bibles. Of course, if cost is the issue, it is certainly cheaper via the electronic route. My preference is probably a generational thing too. :slight_smile: The search feature on electronic devices does make it easier to find a particular scripture passage (for those of us who do not know the entire Bible by memory)

I like to read an actual book too.

I also prefer a paper book.

I guess it depends if you travel a lot. I prefer a book, but they can be awkward and add weight during travel. I do always carry my breviary with me, but for a bible, while I prefer my book version at home, when on the road with Internet access so widely available I just go on-line if I need more Bible than I get in the Liturgy of the Hours.

I figured a book would be better.
Thanks for your input!
Anybody got a favourite edition?

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