Devotional book for couples


Hello all! I was looking for a good daily devotional book for my fiancee and I to read through together. I’ve tried searching around online but couldn’t find much. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks so much!


Actually I would be interested in this as well seeing that my fiancee and I are growing in faith together and would like something we could read and discuss. Good idea Sweetblood


I know this is for married couples, but there might be something in it you could use. It was just written about in the Catholic Spiritual Direction blog.



I am also looking for a devotional. I actually would like something to help with troubled marriages. Would like to read it with my spouse, but it would have to be short and simple to get him involved in a devotional or study. He is crabby all the time and keeps pushing away his Catholic faith and that has me concerned. The actual underlying issue is he is an alcoholic, but will not get any help. He is not abusive, but is just stupid and rude when he drinks. Trying to be a Godly wife and am thankful the Lord has blessed me with remembering the spouse of my youth, yet that gets harder every day! I know God desires more for us than this and any help would be appreciated. He is one that won’t get help because it is “private” and “he can do it himself”. I pray for him to turn it over to the Lord, yet he seems to get further away from faith than closer to Him. Our marriage is suffering and maybe a devotional could get the ball rolling by creeping slowly in to light a spark within his soul.


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been on this site before but didn’t know that they organize it in this way. This is very helpful to know!



My wife and myself have been praying the Liturgy of the Hours together, for over 20 years now.

It’s a good place to start.



This is a good book, bought it from our local monastery.



Thank you. I have it ordered!


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