Devotional Candles


At your church what color are the glass containers that hold the devotional candles?


No candles in any if the churches I have been in for years now. I only see them in city churches when on vacation


I wish we had devotional candles! Some years ago, an elderly lady managed to ignite her coat sleeve while lighting a candle, so now we have push-button lights. It just isn’t the same.


That’s what we have also. I hate them. (They are red, for the OP’s question.)

It just felt so linked to the history of the Church to visit the churches in Europe and use a long taper to light a candle.

Small, insignificant thing, but sometimes those are the things that spark a memory or devotion.


Clear glass :thumbsup:

And we still have candles.


Just in the last two weeks our parish has begun replacing the electric votive lights (red) with real candles (yellow). :slight_smile: I am pretty sure the yellow containers are plastic, not glass.

(In what I am sure is a related and unfortunate move, there is also a new (red) vigil lamp mounted on the wall near the tabernacle. I guess maintaining the (white) sanctuary lamp hanging from the 40-ish, 50-ish foot ceiling was becoming problematic? :frowning: )



The three parishes I go to all have them. They are white candles with clear glass although I think one section is blue glass.


I’ve seen both white and red sanctuary lamps. Around here the norm seems to be read; at the abbey I’m associated with, they use a simple white candle.

Perhaps the high candle was getting to be too much of a problem to light. I know our monks have had to curtail some practices because of advancing age.


Different colors:
Red, blue, white (clear) yellow (“gold”) and purple. No green, but that’s just accidental.

I rotate them around with no set pattern. Sometimes I put out the purple ones for lent/advent. Sometimes I like to have the gold ones for Easter/Christmas. Sometimes I’ll mix the colors to make a pattern in the stand (like all red with the blue ones forming a cross).
Sometimes, they’re all red, regardless of the season. Most of the time, I just pick one color and have them all match.

I don’t do it often (not weekly or monthly or even by season) just times when I look at the stand and think “it’s been a while, I feel like changing it.”


Yes, that is what I suspect.
(Except that the old custodian, who it seemed had taken care of it for the last hundred years, recently retired. The younger man who has taken his place must not be as nimble on the ladder. :confused: )



Interesting. I’ve never seen anything but red. In fact, I thought they had to be (or at least were supposed to be) red. It is so ingrained in me that I’ve taught my children to look for the red light when we walk into a church, to know that Jesus is there.


Yes, you are not alone on this forum in holding to this misunderstanding. I chalk it up to parochialism* – being most familiar with what you see at home.

(* Similar to the surprising number of people on the forum who profess to believe communion wine needs be red to be valid. :shrug: )



Interesting, I didn’t know they came in a variety of colors. I’ve only ever seen clear (white), red, and rarely blue.


In our church we have brass stands with little shelves that we place wee tea-lights on.

They have a little box in the base where the candles are stored and a slot box to place some change for the candle.

In the main the tealights are white and the plastic they sit in is red at the Sacred Heart Altar, blue at the Lady Altar and white or silver at the Little Flower Altar.


I have seen blue, clear, and red candle holders.

TFM, why would you say it’s unfortunate that there is a new one? Most of the lamps/candle holders for the tabernacles I see are red.


:twocents: Only that I am fond of the hanging lamp. :twocents: :wink:



My church sells these white candles. They also sell tea candles that are to be put in small metal cups. These are the only ones allowed inside the church. Outside the church people leave all sorts of candles by the statues of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin.


Here the glass containers that hold the devotional candles are blue.


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