Devotional Classics online?

I don’t know if this question belongs in “Book Club” or here.

Are the writings of St. Thomas a Kempis readable online? I read someplace that he has 27 books, but most of them are out of print. This would make an excellent online resource.

I might say the same of the Blessed Henry Suso. Or Abbott Columba Marmion.

Go to – you’ll find lots of online books there.

Thank you for the link to ccel.
I did find “Imitation of Christ” and a book of biographies titled “Founders of the New Devotion” but no others by Thomas. By Henry Suso I found his autobiography and the “Little Book of Eternal Wisdom” (which I am glad to have found) but not the more highly recommended “Clock of Wisdom”. I found no entries for Dom Marmion.

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