Devotional Question


I am considering purchasing a subscription to the devotional “Living With Christ.” Can anyone tell me if this is a truly Catholic, orthodox publication? Has anyone used it before for their daily devotions? I have never heard of it until yesterday.


I have used Living With Christ for several years, and I really like it. I have found it to be true to the faith. I use it mainly for the readings for Daily Mass. If the day is the Feast Day of a particular saint, there is a little summary before the readings that day. Before the Sunday readings, there is a page that gives some “food for thought” concerning the Sunday readings. I usually read through the short articles and some of the prayers at the beginning of the magazine, but I don’t use it as part of my daily prayers.

For my daily prayers, I use Shorter Christian Prayer, which has the morning, evening, and night prayers from Liturgy of the Hours. One thing I like about Living With Christ is that on the inside of the back cover, the particular week of LOH is indicated.

I also like to read the daily meditations from Word Among Us, which is available on line at

I have picked up Magnificat on occassion, but I did not find it comfortable to use, and I found the meditations very “cerebral”. I have a college degree, but felt a little intimidated by them.

My 2 cents, or so.


Thanks for the information-that’s what I was needing to know!


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