I am not sure if this is the proper place to ask this, but i am going to walk the Camino de Santiago beginning early in March, a pilgrimage during the Lenten season. I am looking for suggestions for a special devotional to take to read every day. Any ideas?

My mother had this booklet with the 15 St. Bridget Prayers and the Promises made by Our Lord to those who have devotion to the Way of the Cross and to His Sacred Heart… It’s a wonderful devotion. I did it for the whole year last year.
You can print a copy from this site…

You can’t go wrong with the Fr. Lasance My Prayer Book. :thumbsup:

“Shorter Christian Prayer” – it’s the most compact version of the Liturgy of the Hours or “The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

If you have a e-Reader, you can get the LOTH in an electronic version on Amazon.

Why not get a prayer book on the souls in purgatory?..

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