Devout Christian lawfully thrown off course over 'anti-gay remarks', says judge


A Christian postgraduate student has been expelled from his course, effectively ending his chances of a career as a social worker, for voicing opposition to gay marriage in a Facebook discussion.

Felix Ngole, a 38-year-old father of four, expressed support for Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky in the US who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences after the introduction of same-sex unions in September last year.

He argued that homosexual activity is against the teaching of the Bible, quoting a verse from Leviticus describing it as an “abomination”.

The post, from his private Facebook account, was part of a discussion thread in which other users voiced their opinions on all sides of the debate.

It was not until two months later that he was summoned to a disciplinary hearing at Sheffield University after a fellow student complained about his post.

He said he was initially not even told what he was accused of doing. He was eventually told that it involved breaching social work guidelines on “personal conduct” and “bringing the profession into disrepute”.

Apparently, by simply opposing gay ‘marriage’ is now anti-gay. It wasn’t before as we were told then, now it is. Looking at other headlines from other sources on this story, ‘anti-gay’ isn’t even in scare quotes.

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Sadly, I think we are all bracing for the reality that Christian are being discriminated against,
and the sad outcome that the discrimination will worsen.
The persecution of Christians did not end with early Christianity, and while we knew it exists in some nations of our world, until recent times we had not expected it in our own nations.


Which is why all faithful Christians need to wake up and uphold one another. The regression in the West isn’t dramatic and sudden. It’s subtle and gradual.


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