DH and I both sick


I know this isn’t as urgent as some other prayer requests, but DH and I are both sick right now - I have a kidney infection that’s getting worse instead of better (which is a little scary) and he has a terrible cough and really bad chest congestion.
Thanks so much - we’re both sort of miserable right now.


Well misery loves company…I’ve been sick since Christmas…I’ll be praying for you! I hope you both feel better.


I hope that someone is there to look after you both? Or are you taking care of each other? I hope you don’t catch his cough and chest infection, with a kidney infection, coughing would be extra painful.

I’m sorry you’re both feeling miserable and hope you do both improve soon. I hope and pray your immune system can get a hold on this kidney infection, I don’t know if you’re on antibiotics. I pray too that your husband’s chest clears soon…that gets a hold and I hope he will be well soon.

Give him my sympathy. You know you have mine.

A hug and love from Trishie :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


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