DH and praying the Our Father

I just had to share something…

DH and I went to our Retrouvaille meeting last Friday. When we are done with our sessions, we either pray or sing a song asking God for help to live one day at a time.

This Friday, no one volunteered to say the prayer so the leading couple did. They prayed the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be. I usually feel bad when they pray the Our Father because it’s not supposed to be a religious program per se (they all know my DH is a JW and JWs do not pray the way Catholics do). So, to my surprise, when we were praying the Our Father, DH was praying along :eek: He never did that!! So, here he is at a Catholic chapel praying the Our Father with a bunch of Catholics, holding my hand and closing his eyes while praying!!! Oh, and I know he was praying the Our Father and not something of his own because I could read his lips! I thank God for this!! I hope he comes out of that cult soon…

I never thought this would happen. Before he refused to pray that way, but he did on Friday. I pray to God incessantly that DH comes out of that religion and finds his way back home to the Church.

I pray even more now that I will start school next month and he’ll have more evenings w/o me to actually go to his JW meetings. He’s been missing 2 of 3 every week, now that I’ll be going to school he said he’ll go to his Wednesday meetings again. :frowning: I guess I should be happy he wants to be closer to God, but it saddens me that he’s made so much progress and he’s about to go back to them. :frowning:

Please pray with me so DH will not feel at home any more w/the JWs and that he’ll finally come home to the CC.

Praying here!!

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