Dh did something so wonderful for our marriage!


We were having a disagreement about something fairly serious. (we’re 21 yrs married) It was getting heated and frustrating.

He pulled out Greg Popcak’s book on marriage (For Better, Forever), started reading it and said he wanted to do some of the things Greg suggests. For my husband to be the one to get out a book, start to read it and want to implement some of the suggestions is a wonderful thing! That outcome is better than I could have imagined. Just goes to show God can make great things come out of rough situations :slight_smile: —KCT


Thanks for sharing KCT. My dh has been making some unbelievably positive changes as well. I’ll bet you pray for your dh as much as I pray for mine!!!:thumbsup:


Good to hear!

I remember when I was a married man of 21 years (37 currently), and full marks to anyone who realizes that marriage is their vocation, and they are indeed called on to put themselves out for it and in to it. I can’t prove it, but I have a very strong hunch that women come to this realization more quickly than do men, and that when men do, there is usually a woman to thank.





And Popcak’s book is soooo great! It’s a good one to have on hand for all sorts of issues. Glad your DH got it off the shelf.


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