DH gets promoted, somebody else gets fired


I really feel guilty for being happy. :o

DH is supposed to take over as a manager at his company next week. This is an awesome opportunity for him and will make a big difference in our unstable financial picture at the moment. I truly believe it is the answer to my prayers.

Unfortunately, the current manager will be fired at the end of the week. :frowning: I feel bad. On one hand, the guy kind of deserves it because he’s screwed things up soooo bad and it has affected everybody’s income, including ours. The company just ended up in an audit because of him. It’s bad.

But on the other hand, I feel bad for the guy. I know he tried and it’s hard on anybody to fail at something and get fired. It’s hard to know ahead of time that somebody has this coming. I just hope he sort of suspects it and isn’t too shocked when it happens.

So anyway, maybe we all could include this guy in our prayers.


Don’t see why you should feel guilty for being happy for your husband. It’s not your husband’s fault that the guy got fired. Don’t let the thought spoil your mood, but do pray for that guy, if you can.


There is no reason to feel guilty. It sounds like this guy deserved to be fired. As the wife of an accountant, I have to say bad financial practices can damage so much. My DH tears his hair out trying to keep the business managers he oversees in line.

Honestly, if the guy was having troubles, he should have asked for help. If the job was truly above his abilities, he should have been honest enough to admit that before he messed up the whole company. Expecting good job performance is not unChristian.

Be happy for your husband, and for the company now that they have someone who will do the job well (I assume). Pray for the other guy, that he can deal with this failure constructively, and find another job more in line with his abilities and talents. Everyone deserves a chance to do well. And don’t worry too much about him. With the economy at better than full employment, employers are having a heck of a time filling openings. Anyone who really wants to find a job will, and it shouldn’t take him too long.


Geez…why should you feel guilty for someone elses misfortune? It wasn’t your fault they screwed up. Be happy for your hubby!


I’m definitely very, very happy for DH. He’s waited a long, long time to get some recognition for his work and his talents.

But it’s also sad to know somebody else will lose his job. But I’m sure God will take care of this guy.


A few years ago, my husband got a job offer at a competing firm and he accepted it. He waited a few days at his old job to notify his boss as he wanted to give only the minimum notice.

The day before he resigned, the company was going through some downsizing and 20% of the people got laid off. He wasn’t one of them but they all got a few weeks severance. He felt so guilty as he figured one person could be spared, had he resigned a day earlier.

Yikes! But things usually work out in the end don’t they?


Performance is rewarded
Mediocrity is tolerated
Failure is punished

You can’t change the ways of the World, or especially business.

Your DH has earned his promotion, he is replacing someone who didn’t continue to earn the right to keep his position.

There’s no reason for bad feelings.


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