DH got me a baby boy

dog that is :smiley: His name is Cosita (little thing), he’s 6 wks old, he’s half Chihuahua half miniature Doberman. He sleeps like a baby. He plays a a little bit, a few minutes, and then goes to sleep. Last time was about 7:30 and he’s been sleeping since!

Below are pix of him… Isn’t he adorable?

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He’s a beautiful little thing - don’t the two breed face characteristics combine well!

Aww. How cute! :love: :hug1: :heart:

AWWWWWWWW! So cute!!

That’s really cute. =)

But sorry to say… you may be in for some nipping problems. 6 weeks is WAY too young to take from the mother. Puppies learn from interaction with their littermates, and learn things such as bite inhibition. Also, how to deal with other dogs. So, you might have a few issues on your plate, but shouldn’t be anything too bad. But just so you know, 8 weeks is the absolute min. a healthy puppy should be taken from its mother. 10 weeks is the best, especially for a small dog. But 8 weeks is good too.

There are a lot of trainers who disagree with you, for the VERY same reason. 48 days is the ideal to be with littermates.

But that’s not the topic of the thread is it?


You’ve got one sweet boy there Yessi! May he bring you many years of love and friendship!

That dog is adorable! How big will he get?

What a cutie!!!

How cute!!!

Awwwww how cute!!!

Very cute Yessi! Grats on the new puppy!! :smiley:

Makes me wanna get another puppy myself :smiley:

**Congrats on your little fur-baby! He is so CUTE! So, did your DH totally surprise you or was this something you’d mentioned?

My own fur-baby is a 130lb beast so I am a little jealous of yours, lol.**

The pup is adorable!

The nipping may not be a problem. We got our puppy at 5 weeks. Yes, he nipped and tried the aggression thing, but we made it clear he was not top dog (pun intended). A good trainer can help prevent or address issues. (or reading a lot!):smiley:

Now I want one like that!:stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I thought it was an actual boy.

But nice pup, looks a tad shy. :slight_smile:

Since nobody else has asked yet, who is the other cutie in the pic?:slight_smile:

oh my goodness-what a cutie pie!!! He’s adorable!!!:smiley:

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeee sooooo cute Yessi!!!

Sorry the pix came out so big. I fought with photobucket and somehow no matter what I did to make them small, they still came out this big :o

They told us he might stay the size he is since the mother is that size. Maybe a few more inches and that’s it.

We actually went out and they were selling them for $100 but we walked away. Then we kept on saying how adorale they were and we went back and he asked me which one I liked the best and he got it for me. But hey, we have a 65 lbs dog too. And his name is Bear, wasn’t your dog named Bear too? He’s huge, black, fury as can be, thus the name Bear. So I’m not worried about the biting, he’ll learn from Bear once they can be next to each other after Cosita gets all his vaccines.

She’s my husband’s niece. Her name is Alejandra.

Oh, and I got chewed out by the trainer at PetSmart telling me that he was way too young to have been taken from his mother. Hey, I didn’t take him away, the old owners did and besides, he would go to someone else or me, and I’m glad he came with me because I know I’m oing to take care of him really well. :stuck_out_tongue:

And gosh, he is JUST like a baby. I forgot how puppies can get. He woke me up 3 times at night, got him from his little bed, brought him to bed with me and he played for a few minutes and fell asleep next to me. Once I knew he wouldn’t wake up, I would put him in his bed, but the 3rd time it didn’t work, he cried and would just go up to me, so since 3am I had him curled up next to me, so I couldn’t sleep lol At 6am my husband took over so I could have some sleep.

I may not have my Julian, but I have Cosita to make me feel like I have a baby in the house. :smiley:

hi im the other cuty Alejanra thanks for the complement.:pim also kind of jealus of my aunt:whacky: .i dont blame anyone cause hes incredibly cute:love: .but he also bites a lot.and he is very playful.

**Nice to “meet” you Alejandra:wave: You have a very beautiful name:)

Hope your aunt is letting you have some fun with the puppy too and not hogging him all to herself;):D:p

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