DH got new job!


Well, the job my husband was applying for in Dayton he got offered so we will be moving shortly :D. If you remember an earlier thread I posted


my mom was less then thrilled (to put it mildly) about me leaving. Well, she seems a little better now but still very angry. Anyways, any tips from people for moving long distances? We are moving about 3 1/2 hours away so not too too far. Thanks…oh, and keep praying for me and my family…it breaks my heart that she has to act like this.


Congratulations! You’re mom will be OK once she realizes that 3-1/2 hours isn’t such a long drive, and you can take her to all the cool new places once you get settled. I have moved across the country more than once, so my suggestions are:

–THROW AWAY the junk you have accumulated before you move - and then throw more away when you get there (because you won’t have the heart to weed out thoroughly the first time)

– Don’t be afraid to walk right up to new people and say, “Hi, my name is gam3rchic,” and then ask them a question about the neighborhood, the new parish, their involvement in PSR, or something that interests you.

–Look at this as an opportunity for new adventures. Don’t get stuck in the rut of “my old town had all these wonderful things and the new town just has blah blah blah.” Always look for the positive, and that is what you’ll find:)

–Go to King’s Dominion in Cincinnati!!!:bounce:


What’s that? Sounds cool…:cool:


King’s Dominion is anamusement park. The even better park in Ohio is Cedar Point in Sandusky, esp. if you like rollercoasters, but King’s Dominion is closer.


Another question I should have mentioned in my original post is: has anyone hired a moving company to transport the big stuff a long way and if so, how much are they? My husband thinks it’s thousands of dollars, but I don’t think it would be that much…we are just moving across state, not across country! :stuck_out_tongue: My DH wants to maybe just hire a company to pack the big stuff in a truck and we drive it down, but then he and his buddies unload it, but I’m worried about that b/c we have some REALLY big things and I don’t want them to hurt themselves…I’d rather hire someone…anyone ever have to do that??? thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, Hiring a moving company is VERY expensive.

Here is my advice for moving:

(1) You can never be too detailed in labeling the boxes. You always think you’lll remember whats in the boxes… but you won’t. So, if you want to find specific things in a hurry, label the box well and come up with a system such as P1, P2, P3 (priority 1, 2, 3, etc) for how they go in the truck… (sheets, towels, toilet paper-- P1).

(2) Rent a truck (Penske is really good) to do the move yourself but hire a local moving company just to LOAD everything and UNLOAD everything. I did this and it was worth the $. It was only a few hundred dollars since they bring a crew of strong, young guys and have everything loaded up in just a couple of hours. Also, splurge on the moving blankets-- I wiped Penske out of them-- you can’t have enough. Invest in lots of bunge cords too to strap everything down really well.

(3) Buy boxes in bulk from www.uline.com. You can also get all the accessories from them-- tape, bubble wrap, peanuts, etc. Even with shipping, it was cheaper to buy from them than the local “box” store-- at least it was for me. So, price it out.


Thanks a bunch for the recommendations!!!

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