DH is being reinstated to JWism...


Yesterday DH had an assembly for his religion and left early because he cannot drive, so I picked him up early.

After we got home I went to 5:30pm Mass and came back. I saw his sister had called our house and asked why she had called. He said an elder told her to let him know he has a meeting tomorrow with 3 elders and to invite me to their meeting.

I think they are reinstating him tomorrow and that is why they want me to attend :(. I’m losing hope, I think his religion is going to get in between us even more than it already has. He swears it’s not, but I know how JWs are, their religion comes before anything.

I don’t know if my praying is doing anything, I wish he’d come back to the CC, but it seems this wish is further and further away… :frowning:


I’ll pray for him. :signofcross:


yessisan, do not despair.
If he is reinstated, there is nothing you can do about it.
If he refuses to come back to Christ’s Holy Chruch, there is nothing you can do about it.
If he does come back home, it will be because God called him and he listened.
I’m sure you are extremely frustrated but just stay close to God, pray for DH, go about your own spirituality and let God take care of the situation.
The hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn in life has been that I can not control the thoughts, feelings and actions or others, no matter how much I’ve wanted to do so.
To quote AA, ‘let go and let God’.


Well said.

Just continue to pray for him and stay firm in your beliefs.

Remember…THIS is Holy Week and the enemy will play games this week on those that are faithful to get you into despair instead of looking toward Easter Hope.


I know I can’t change him or his thoughts, it’s just that he was leaning so much to being a “normal” person that it gave me hope.

Now, if he gets reinstated I don’t even think he’ll want to go to bday parties any more, or celebrate Christmas, or even say happy bday to me :(…

I know I have to leave it up to God, but it sure hurts to see perople you love fall in the wrong path.


I am so sorry for your pain.


I will pray for you. Also, you should not drive him to his meeting. If he insists on going, he needs to find another way to get there.


I agree, after all, you will be in the Church in front of the Blessed Sacrament asking God, through Covenant of the Sacrament of Marriage, to remove the scales from the eyes of your husband’s heart and give him the Graces he needs to see the Truth.


I don’t know anything about the details here, but in the area of child-abuse I know of many examples. Don’t you wish that in that situation, the priest was removed from contact, not shifted to unsuspecting families with children having no idea of what sex-abuse might be? How holy does the CC think a family is?


How can I say no to him if he cannot drive himself? I wouldn’t want another JW coming to my house to take him. I hate having them over because they always try to get me to attend their meetings. I have learned to dislike them. They are nice people but they do not respect anyone’s religion, they don’t even respect their own people…


Is it showing respect for you to especially invite you to be part of their meeting as his wife ? Is that showing respect for him?


If they come to your house to pick him up, at least you are not contributing to him going to the meeting. You should not go nor volunteer to take him. If he used to be a Catholic, you possibly could be an accessory to his sin by taking him.


What does this have to do with this thread?


They’re probably inviting me so he feels my “support”. I am completely against it, but I cannot tell him I’m against his religion, I wouldn’t want him to tell me he’s against mine.

As much as I want to ignore this you are right…




The thread is about the sin of being JW. The situation here of removal and reinstating would protect many children from being sexually abused by priests. Is the JW practice less sinful than letting priests continue abuse, in unsuspecting congregations?


A few things…

Who are you and where did you come from??

No one is speaking of children here (we don’t have any yet)

Why are you mixing child abuse with a thread that involves nothing of that matter?



I’m a JW in Australia. You are saying that you don’t want him to be a JW, for many reasons. I am pointing out that the meeting you have been invited to is an example of beneficial protection. [MODERATOR: deleted off topic comments]



Sorry about your situation…try , try very hard to be kind to his fellow jw’s as i have found that if one is unfriendly then it seems to spur them on to try and proselytise even more.
Stay strong and don’t let anything or anybody stop you from celebrating at easter !!!:slight_smile:


Um… I still don’t get the connection.

But, anywho, as someone who was almost sucked in…errr…recruited by JW’s…I sure as heck wouldn’t want to see my husband go, either. My prayers will be with you, hon.

And, it’s going to be SO hard (hence the prayers), but I agree. Don’t take him. You can’t, in all good conscience (I can tell by the tone of your posts) contribute to his wayward beliefs…not to mention the before mentioned contribution to sin.

Tell him you love him enough not to take him.

No way would I set foot inside a kingdom hall. It gives me the creeps :blush:

I will be praying for you, hon.

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