DH joined the Knights. Yay!


My DH joined the Knights of Columbus today. He’s a convert of nearly five years. He is fairly introverted so I was concerned that he might not like it. Boy, was I wrong! He came home so excited!

It is so great to see the devotion to Mary and all things family. They support real men being real leaders in their families. I am looking forward to what my future holds, as a wife of a knight.

I am very happy and just wanted to share in our joy. :slight_smile:


Please pass along to him congratulations and welcome. :clapping:

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I’ve asked this question on another forum but I don’t remember which: what is a DH?


Sorry, DH stands for ‘Dear Husband.’ There is also DW, DS, DD. Dear WIfe, Dear Son, and Dear Daughter. ‘Hubby’ is usually my favorite shorthand. I almost used it instead.


Little Deb–Hooray to your DH and to mine too! My husband is a cradle Catholic. As I have learned more about our faith and shared it with him, he started reading and learning about the Catholic faith too. I am involved in the women’s group in our parish and the kids are involved in the Catholic youth group, but while I encouraged my husband to get involved in the parish, he was always too busy. He did sign up in the fall for the K of C (or KFC, as we call it) mostly to please me. But he has really gotten into it. I think he is at the 3rd level already. I don’t know how much is really secret and how much he is teasingly not telling me. But I have to tell myself that even if he can’t tell me what they do, it must be good devout Catholic things. So I am happy.



When hubby and I were engaged we invited a KofC rep to come to our house for insurance purposes. When I was making out the check, keep in mind I was Mormon at the time…, I asked who to write the check to. I was told just “KofC”, which I heard as KFC and I said, “what are we buying, chicken insurance?” LOL


Congrats!!! I remember how happy I was when hubby did the same. It was my secret wish that he would but I never said a word, he brought it up and I was so happy when he did. He carries his rosary from them everywhere with him and always makes time for a rosary!!! I knew he was hooked on the Catholic faith when he did this!!! I love the knights, they are so family oriented!


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