I have no idea where to place this thread so I put it here. Please move to the correct place if necessary. New to CA.

I have been reading all the forum and keeping running into this abbreviation.

DH or Dh or dh

What does it mean? I can usually figure out most of the abbreviations but am lost here.




dear husband. Some people like using that instead of saying husband. Or DW for wife.


Thank you



Some other relational acronyms:

MIL mother in law
DS dear son
DD dear daughter
BF boyfriend
GF girl friend

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There’s also MGFWPOTCAF, which means My Good Friends Who Post On The Catholic Answers Forums


Wow - I forgot to mention that frequently used one. :smiley: Thanks Iambic, for bringing that to the OP’s attention.



I assume OP = Original Poster?



You may also see FI (future intended) for fiancé or fiancée, mostly on wedding forums, but I have seen it pop up here before.



It’s also worth noting that I think “DH” and “DW” caught on, not just because they’re shorter, but because they have an excellently “punnical” meaning: either “Dear Husband” or “Darn Husband” :slight_smile:



Designated Hitter!:smiley:

Play ball!:smiley:


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