Dhaka shooting: Hostage situation as gunmen battle police


Dhaka, Bangladesh (CNN)Armed attackers are holding as many as 20 hostages at a cafe in a diplomatic zone of Bangladesh’s capital. A gunbattle with police left at least one officer dead.
As police exchanged fire with the gunmen, the attackers threw explosives at officers, a source at the scene said. cnn.com/2016/07/01/asia/bangladesh-dhaka-shooting/index.html


Its tragic, but a small token is its better all 9 of the gunman are in one place.


ISIS claiming responsibility abcnews.go.com/International/shooting-hostage-situation-underway-bangladesh/story?id=40283510


I don’t think anyone but by Gods grace comes out of this and probably wounded. Thats a small place with 9 gunman. I can’t see how time plays into this, they don’t want anything but to kill people, they are not gonna change their mind, that would be a first. I don’t get these people at all. This is all for appearance and media prolonging it?


any updates?

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