dh's job...

well, thanks to all who have prayed for us over the past week or so. even so, he has been told he will be cut. We trust in God, that He will see us through all of this.

the good news is that DH SHOULD be able to find something similar and his HR people are going to work with him to make a transition…

we rejoice in all of the blessings that we DO have and we Praise God, even in this storm.
now, looking forward, i would like to ask for prayer for him to find something new, and quickly so that our paychecks don’t lapse.

Mother Mary, I recommend Twk001’s husband to you. Please ask our Lord to meet all his spiritual and temporal needs and obtain this for him. May he pray a lot to you and entrust his life to you. Please make your intentions in this matter come true. Amen.

St Joseph, whom God placed to be the custodian of the Holy Family, in spite of your poverty and limited means, pray for this family, that like you they might find the strength to endure through hardship, and to find God with them in their lives.

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