dh's job...

thanks to all who have prayed for us over the past week. dh will be cut from his position. we aren’t all that surprised.

the good news is that his specialty generally has a decent amount of openings so hopefully he’ll find something quickly. and his HR will work with him to make the transition easier.

he has some incredible letters of recommendation and a ‘stellar’ resume (according to a high-up employee in his company). that will certainly help.

we would like to ask everyone to please now pray for him as he moves forward with a job search. we trust that God will see us through all of this, and that we’ll be ok.

Put one foot in front of the other… and trust.
We’re walking this road with you, unfortunately.

Continued prayers!!! I’m so very sorry. :frowning:

thanks emily…we’ve been through this before. dh’s teaching position was eliminated from his long-term employer about 3 years ago and it was the first time we had to deal with all of this. we were panicked then, litterally, physically sick.

this time it’s more hurtful but we are both pretty calm. we know that as a special ed teacher hopefully he’ll find something before fall.

we will be sitting down next weekend to make some tough decisions. we think we will sign up with CCCS for our debt management and that will take our payments much lower than what we’re paying now.

and we’re already working on the resume, his online portfolio and he’s got 5 INCREDIBLE letters of recommendation coming next week.

I’ve just sent up a prayer for your situation. :gopray2::hug3:

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