Diablo 2 patch 1.13

I know that probably nobody else but me is this excited about an almost decade old game, but patch 1.13 is out! Finally, paladins no longer have one-button cruise control, mobs no longer cast Iron Maiden, and re-stat and re-skill features have been added!

If you’re looking to dust off one of the greatest games God has ever allowed Blizzard to create, or even if you aren’t, get on Battle Net so we can have some all Catholic Baal runs!


People still play that game? :)

I think D3 is due out before toooo long, (even if its been too long) right?

Starcraft 2 is due to ship this July, so that means that D3 is about another year away…at least. Nobody ever explained to Blizzard the idea of “deadlines,” but everyone believes that Blizzard is going to space out its releases so that nothing will hurt its WoW income.

There has been a really large mod community since the D2 expansion first came out.

Many folks like myself don’t like what we see in D3, Starcraft2, or WoW, so we maximize the older games.

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