Diablo...the game?

What is everyone’s thoughts on the game Diablo??? I used to love to play this game but after my return to the Church last year, I have been concerned that maybe it isn‘t the best game to play! The main reason I enjoyed playing it was for the whole ‘good conquering evil’ I don’t think that it will have a negative effect on my spiritual attitude at all, but I thought that I would get your opinions! Thanks and God Bless!!!

I used to play it a lot. Both the original and Diablo II. I think it’s just like any other video game. You have to be able to play it without letting the themes get to you and affect your mood. It’s definitely not something I’d let a kid under 14 or 15 play. The ratings on the box are a good guideline. Unfortunately, parents tend not to pay attention to that sort of thing.

In my opinion, if you’re mature enough to handle it, then it’s no problem.

I’ve always found the series pretty boring, but I don’t have any moral objections to it. If anything, I’d find it a positive to be striving to kill the Devil :slight_smile:

We use to play this at work during lunch hour and sometimes after work and then also at home. It was fun. I liked the D&D type of stuff but wasn’t thrilled that it was a quest against the devil. I like my evil generic:rolleyes:

The ‘ending’ is problematic.


D1 was great, but endgame suffered tremendously due to inherent class design flaws, making the Rogue the only viable endgame class.

D2 was even better. Nothing like a Bonemancer, a Bowazon, a Barbie, a Smitadin, and a whole lotta frozen orbs to make your night on Battle.net

I don’t really see how the franchise is “bad” in any way (just make sure the lil kiddies dont play it). I’m anxiously awaiting D3 and figuring out just how the Prime Evils have reemerged…I mean, I’ve only hacked Diablo to bits twice already…something to do with the Worldstone i’m sure, but what?

I’m looking forward to Diablo 3 too. I might have to get a new computer to run it though! :eek:

I played Diablo 2 more than the first. It was definitely one of those games that seemed to devour time!

The franchise as a whole: As with any fantasy game, so long as one realizes it’s just fantasy, and doesn’t go over the top on time spent, it’s fine.

D1: Excellent, if linear, quest game. Emphasis on defeating the evils which lurk below.

D2: More open, but still very linear, Not as good, IMO, but still good. Doesn’t play well on a laptop, tho.

I played the demo of the first one (I think it was the first one, with 3 different characters - funny comments from the townspeople in the first town based on your character choice). It kind of reminded me of a ‘darker’ version of Legend of Zelda.

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