Diaconal vesting prayers?


Are there any vesting prayers specific to a deacon - his alb, amice (if worn), stole, and dalmatic?



With the alb:

Dealba me, Domine, et munda cor meum; ut, in sanguine Agni dealbatus, gaudiis perfruare sempiternis.

Purify me, O Lord, and cleanse my heart; that, being made white in the Blood of the Lamb, I may come to eternal joy.

With the cincture:

Praecinge me, Domine, cingulo puritatis, et exstingue in lumbis meis humorem libidinis; ut maneat in me virtus continentia et castitatis.

Gird me, O Lord, with the girdle of purity, and extinguish in me all evil desires, that the virtue of chastity may abide in me.

With the stole:

Redde mihi, Domine, stolam immortalitatis, quam perdidi in praevaricatione primi parentis: et, quamvis indignus accedo ad tuum sacrum mysterium, merear tamen gaudium sempiternum.

Restore unto me, O Lord, the stole of immortality, which was lost through the guilt of our first parents: and, although I am unworthy to approach Your sacred Mysteries, nevertheless grant unto me eternal joy.

With the Dalmatic

(Not promulagated in Latin)

*Lord, endow me with the garment of salvation, the vestment of joy, and with the dalmatic of justice ever encompass me. *


Thank you, deacon, for that recitation. By chance do you know if there is anything that a priest and deacon is supposed to say (according to the rubrics) as they exit the sanctuary and process into the sacristy to change out of the sacred vestments after mass? There is one priest in our parish who says something in a low voice (always in Latin) as he leaves the sanctuary during daily masses (something like … procedenti …)


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