Diaconate vs. Secular Life


Hey all, I've been wrestling with the question of where I want the rest of my life to go and am not really finding the answers I thought I was wanting out of things. I am fortunate to be happily married (well, at least my wife puts up with me) with two great little kids. We belong to a great and active parish and have a number of very good friends there.

I'm also doing reasonably well in my career, although I have probably "peaked" in terms of where I am going in this field. I've been an ambitious person for a long time, especially so to get where I am now, but now I'm finding that I'm stuck. While I wanted to get into management for a long time, I have a technical degree, not a business degree. On top of that, I don't seem to have the personality needed to deal with those situations.

Outside of work, I've tried other ventures on the side. Most have really not gone anywhere, and it's not for lack of trying. In spite of what certain motivational authors will tell you, finding success is brutal. At the same time, I'm also really wondering what point there is to being wealthy and "successful," as long as I can keep a roof over our heads. We still live a limited life and face judgement at some point.

I've also been much more involved in the Church in the last few years and spend a good amount of time just helping with what needs to be done, participating in study, and so on. When something needs done that no one wants to do, I raise my hand. A couple of people have suggested that I check into becoming a deacon, particularly as the priest shortage is getting even tighter around here.

So, I think I'm at a crossroads in life now. I can either take a stab at going back to school, getting an MBA and looking for a management position, or I can stay where I'm at, career-wise (I'm doing okay, money-wise, so that's not an issue), and start discerning for the Diaconate.

I would appreciate prayers/thoughts at this point, maybe someone who has gone down the same road and came to a decision one way or the other.


Well, I am not married, I don’t plan on it, I feel called to Holy Priesthood, and If you are willing to accept the advice of a 17 year old, I would say:

Go for it!!

and May the SACRED HEART BLESS YOU for this Desire!!

At the very least, May HE make you a Saint!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

But in all honesty, go for it. That would be soooooo coool!!

Try the Diaconate out, go for the program and if its not for You, at least You became an even Holier man… But I think it may be…


jc, I suggest you repost your query here:

You will recieve substantial response along the lines you are seeking, I am quite sure.


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