Diagnosed with kidney cancer


Please pray for my brothers Kid who has been diagnosed with Kidney cancer he is only 16 years old. Could you also pray for the family who are not coping at all at this time. May the Holy Spirit tranform their prays which they find so hard to say at this time. He goes under the knife tomorrow morning to have his kidney removed. Please pray for the surgeons and nurses who will care for him.


Thank you Jesus

His name is Isaac Fitzgerald


Will pray that Jesus carries them through this.


Prayers for Isaac - especially to St peregrine, patron of cancer sufferers.


Rosary for him this night.
My prayers and thoughts


I’ll be praying for Issac. :gopray2:


I will pray for him and for his family.
God bless them!


Ah man, painful to read. I’m at risk of losing a kidney to cancer. But after chemo, I’ve had no change in 4 years, so they think it is scar tissue. He’ll do ok. Is he doing chemo or radiation as a followup? I’m my prayers. Tim


Any cancer to the child is so very difficult for the family. May God give them all peace and comfort at this time and guide the medical staff to success and speed his recovery to good health.


Praying for them.


Prayers for Isaac & for his family!


I will pray for these intentions.


I will pray for Isaac and his family at this difficult time.:signofcross:


Dear Mother Mary,

Please join in our prayer for Issac and his family. You know as a mother, the agony that this family is going through. Please ask your heavenly Son to heal Issac and guide his surgeons with your divine eyes.

Pray, dear Mother, that his parents will be granted the peace of knowing that your prayers are joined with the prayers of the rest of the Saints.

We ask this through the goodness of your Son Jesus Christ



Thank you all for your prayers. Isaacs Kidney was removed and it was definetly cancer. He is doing well but finding it hard to sleep in the childrens ward. We have to wait a week now till the results come back to see if the cancer will respond to chemo. If it does not we have to hope and pray the surgeons removed the whole mass (2kilo’s and 16cm in diameter). Once again thank you so much for all of your prayers and petitions. :slight_smile:


I will pray for Isaac, his family and the medical team that is taking care of him. :crossrc:


God Bless,




:crossrc: I will pray for him and the whole family. :gopray:


It is an honor to pray for poor Isaac.
I have also invoked St. Peregrine’s intercession for this young fellow. May God heal him.



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