Dialogue Mass?

Are any indult parishes saying a dialogue Mass? My indult chapel does not, but they were quite popular when I was growing up in the late 50s to early 60s.

According to an old missal I have there were four levels of responses. The first level was just responding with the simple respones to the priest, like Amen, Et cum spiritu tuo, etc. (this is the level I remember at my childhood parish) Each additional level added responses up to level four where you recited not only all the server respones, but the Gloria, Creed, etc. with the priest and most of the propers.

When I first started going to an indult Mass, the responses just came out of my mouth. I have since learned to “hold my tongue”, but I sometimes kind of miss reciting the simple responses to the priest.

So do any of you go to an dialogue indult Mass?…and if yes, what level do you respond at.

Mine used to for the low Masses, it was printed on the bulletin as “Dialogue Low Mass” with a little explanation of what a dialogue Mass was. Now, it is no longer printed as a “dialogue Mass” but I’m really not sure what the difference is between a dialogue Mass and a regular low Mass. At every Mass people “actively” participate at different levels…some respond with the “Et cum spiritu tuo”, some quietly say the Gloria and Credo along with the priest and servers but I’ve never been to a Mass where everyone joins in. Personally, I sometimes whisper “Et cum spiritu tuo” to the “Dominus vobiscum” but I much prefer to pray silently along with the Mass prayers or pray my rosary or other prayers.
Unlike the Novus Order, there is not a big push in the traditional Mass for every layperson to do the exact same thing during Mass, as the focus during Mass is not on the community but on Jesus. On the other hand, unlike the New Mass, in the ancient Mass it is more important that priest follow the prescribed rubrics and say the Mass and perform the proper gestures and liturgical actions exactly as prescribed in the Missal.

The “Dialogue Mass” has the people doing the responses that the servers only would normally do. These are the server responses for the prayers at the foot of the altar, “Deo Gratias” after the epistle, laus tibi Christe after the Gospel, and the Suscipiat after the Orate Fratres.

At Mater Ecclesiae we do not have a Dialogue Mass, unless it is daily Mass and there are no servers available to do the responses for those prayers.


but I much prefer to pray silently along with the Mass prayers or pray my rosary or other prayers

I have heard that we are definitely not supposed to pray the rosary DURING Mass, but does this prohibition not apply to the Traditional Mass?

No, it definitely does not apply to the Traditional Mass. I doubt whether there is an actual rule that you cannot pray the rosary during the Novus either, although there is so much noice and forced participation that one would scarcely be able to pray it.

I have been going to a TLM resently and they usually respond at about level 3 for a dialog mass. However, not everyone follows this. Usually people will resond at the level one and also do the Creed and Our Father but not the other prayers. As for myself, I am just learning the latin and how to pronounce it. There is a really nice site run by the Latin Mass Society of Ireland that gives the congregational resonses at a level 3 or 4.

pax christi

My FSSP parish does allow responses.

We sing all the important and audible prayers, like the Gloria, Credo, Kyrie, Sanctus etc. etc.

We also respond to the basics, such as Deo Gratias, Et cum spiriti tuo, Gloria and Laus at the proper times during the Gospel, and all that stuff.

In Low Masses the laity does not participate at all…the above is a reference to our High Mass.


I don’t know if I would like a level three or four Mass. I like the level one since we only answered when the priest turned and addressed us. For me, that is appropriate. When the priest turned to us and said; “Dominus Vobiscum”, the reply “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo” seems appropriate. But that’s just me.

Those who go to the Low Mass…usually go because they dont want to participate anyway.

Its silent, with the only sound being the soft latin between priest and server. As well as the bells.

The whole point of the Low Mass is the contemplative atmopshere.

Those who attend the High Mass want a kind of ‘action-packed’ experience.

Its better this way…so if you want all the singing, responses, and splendor of the High Mass…go to the High Mass.

If you want peace and solitude…go to the Low Mass.

I go to a High Mass on Sunday and a Low Mass throughout the week.

Versus in the Novus Ordo where no matter what Mass you go to…you cant even hear yourself think.

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Memory fading…Don’t recall “levels”. Most of the Dialong Masses I attended those many years ago were in a military chapel. At the indult Mass I attended recently, it appeared that people were responding at whatever level they were comfotable. My Latin responses did tend to come back during the celebration.

My Latin responses did tend to come back during the celebration.

It’s like riding a bike–a bit rusty after being away from it, but it comes back to you. I’ve been going to TLM for over a year. There’s no other mass like it. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know whether the low mass in San Diego or Portland (Oregon) are “dialogue” masses?

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