Diamond Diadem

Hypothetical question: Like now, Christians during the time of Peter were in great need. If someone had given Peter a diamond diadem, would Peter have sold it to feed the poor Christians, or would he have said, " No we can’t sell this, we have to build a museum and save it for posterity?"

There’s a not very well hidden agenda behind your question. Why don’t you just ask your real question.

Right. Maybe we could list all the stuff in the Smithsonian on Ebay?



I agree with the others. What do you really want?

And what exactly are you getting at?

If a question makes us uncomfortable, perhaps we should examine it more closely. I think the essence of the Original Post is this: How does the keeping of treasure promote the mission of the Church? I don’t know the answer, but I don’t reject the question. It’s not a new question. Perhaps it has already been answered elsewhere.


A question about the treasures of the Vatican is a legitimate one, but framing it as it was in the OP implies criticism rather than a sincere search for understanding. Even criticism can be legitimate, but the person should at least be honest about it.

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