Diane Rehm show "Why Priests? A Failed Tradition"

Diane Rehm did a great disservice to the Catholic church today in allowing Mr. Wills to run on about the priesthood and then interrupt Monsignor Charles Pope who was asked to come into the studio to defend against the new book of Wills’s called “Why Priests? A Failed Tradition”

I’m sure Father did his best but the host should have had equal talent to fairly represent both sides like Patrick Madrid, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Father Barrons or Father Larry Richards and many more that would have dropped everything to defend the priest hood on national listener supported PBS radio.

PBS has been having a lot of other programming similar one sided like Ex: Gay Episcopal bishops without equal representative programming.

We should all write to Diane Rehm, I did.

You can read the transcript and listen to Mrs. Rehm’s show presenting this priestly attack here:


Monsignor Pope can hold his own,i doubt that any of the BIG NAMES you mentioned could do better :rolleyes:

I was referring to the part in the transcript where Father says. " Well, I’m less aware of, you know, all the worldwide dimensions of it at the Vatican level. But I think the American bishops, I think all of them are willing to admit" I feel Diane Rehm should have had a seasoned radio talker, beside Father Pope did not get to talk much seems he was just used as a backdrop for the book.

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