Dick Clark on New Year's Eve

I’m not quite sure whether to feel sorry for the guy or feel annoyed that he doesn’t know when to quit. He had a stroke a few years ago and I feel bad for that, but on the other hand it’s not what I want to watch.

Seriously, who really wants to see a guy who can barely mumble due to the effects of a stroke host the New Year’s Eve countdown?

To me, it seems like he’s refusing to step down and hand over the show to the young whippersnapper Seacrest…seriously, I find it difficult and uncomfortable to watch. Why do we need to be subjected to a guy who can barely speak intelligibly for our New Year’s Eve entertainment if we want to watch the countdown?

Do I sound nasty and uncharitable or is this guy so egotistical he doesn’t know when to quit? It’s unpleasant to watch.

Rant over. Thanks for listening. Any thoughts? I know that I can either change the channel or turn off the TV, but I’d like to watch a pleasant show and I think Seacrest does a decent job.

How do you know it’s ego? How do you know that he’s got evil intentions? You can’t read his heart. Sure, it seems a bit inconvenient to us to watch someone who’s suffered such an illness, but you have to admire his spirit–he continues in spite of adversity. My grandfather died of a stroke. If he’d lived, I have no doubt that he’d still be working, still active as always. If you don’t like the fact that Dick Clark can’t speak clearly, then change the channel. I think it’s just marvelous.


It’s always nice to see Dick Clark, a most classy guy, stroke or no stroke. He was in a happy mood and managed to convey that. And that’s what really counts, I think.

There have been many announcers and other TV personalities who’ve had strokes. Mother Anglica was another one. Hey, if they can manage a few words, that’s good enough for me. They’re probably happy inside that they are alive at all.

If it involves Hollywood, then it’s all about money. The network is getting some value out of his association with the show, or they would have bought out his contract by now.

On the one hand, I noticed the camera never stayed on him for long. It seemed to be more of a courtesy. It may be a little uncomfortable to watch or listen to someone who has difficulty speaking, but on the other hand, I admire him for keeping on. It can’t be easy to be older and infirm and face off against the young sexy “stars” that they put on the stage.

Seeing Dick Clark didn’t bother me, but seeing the gal in the blue lipstick sure did. I found that repulsive.

He is Dick Clark. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Never said he had evil intentions.

I assume he’s on the air because he wants to be on the air, not because anyone is making him. :shrug:

And that’s where I haven’t decided yet…is he doing so in a spirit of “never give up, never surrender” or is it “I’m going to quit when you pull the mic out of my cold, dead hands?”. Subtle difference, maybe, but I tend to be cynical when it comes to entertainers.

I think I look at it as he’s only on tv for maybe 15 minutes at the most once a year and he’s showing the general public that having a stroke does not mean all life has to permanently change. I take it as a good thing, that maybe people need to look at stroke victims a little bit differently, that they still have so much to give, despite the speech problems and the other problems that irritate some.

Its courtesy too, because he created the show and so many others for ABC TV. He might even still have control over many of the decisions.

But ugh, the singer in the blue lipstick. I guess it could have been worse, it could have been Lady GaGa in her meat dress.

Oh, I’m sure he does, the program is called “Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve” .

Yeah, I didn’t get the blue lipstick thing either. :shrug:

Its apparently her new signature look. She’s been using it since at least August. I think it looks awful (at least that shade does) but maybe we shouldn’t expect too much taste from someone who uses a dollar sign to replace the S in her name.


Great article about this very topic.

To me, Dick Clark has done so much for television that he goes out on his terms. If one doesn’t like it, then tough cookies.

Thank you for the link. That really was a great article.

People say the EXACT SAME THINGS about Jerry Lewis and the MDA Telethon: that he should retire and get off TV, that’s it’s embarrassing, that he’s slurring his words and makes people feel bad, that he’s a downer… how is the anti-Dick Clark sentiment any different?

I do think it’s ironic both of them (Jerry Lewis and Dick Clark) both own the copyrights to movies that are long sought-after by collectors: the still-unreleased “The Day The Clown Cried,” in Jerry’s case, and “The T.A.M.I. Show” concert film, in Dick Clark’s case. That says to me that, while I support the right for both of them to be in the public eye for as long as they wish, they are both addicted to power (like the Kanye West song) and when you have that much power, you don’t want to give any of it up.

I’ve never heard that about Jerry Lewis, the complaints I mean. And if his telethon is some kind of power trip, I can’t say that its necessarily a bad thing. At least he’s using his ego to help make a difference.

they also said the same thing about Pope John Paul II that he should have stepped down when his physical limitations made it uncomfortable to others who witnessed him. Not that media personalities are in the same class, but the same error, judging the person’s ego or motives, applies.

I agree. Jerry Lewis was raising money, undoubtedly Dick Clark is making money.

I don’t know…most people could differentiate between a radio/TV personality and the Pope. :smiley: Difference being that Dick Clark is putting himself out there in front of millions of people who are seeking entertainment. No so with the JPII. I suspect the people dissing JPII were doing so for different reasons.

Stroke or no, Clark is not a nice person and I, for one, would not watch him if he was performing back flips.

What has he done that makes you think he’s not a nice person?

Dittos. Why do you think that?

“Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grill” in Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine’:

I kinda sorta agree with Michael Moore: It was low for him to apply for that tax exemption.

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