Did a 'Catholic Spring' group intimidate Florida churches?


A group that has been tied to the idea of a “Catholic Spring” revolution in leaked emails may have tried to intimidate pastors at Catholic Churches in Florida during the last presidential election.

Ahead of the 2012 elections, the group Catholics United sent a letter to Florida pastors saying it was monitoring for reputed illegal political activity in Catholic churches – which state Catholic leaders saw as an effort to silence the Church.

An internal message to Catholic pastors from the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops said the letter was inaccurate and appeared to be “an attempt to silence pastors on issues that are of concern to the Church this election season.”

James Salt, then-executive director of the group Catholics United, had sent the Oct. 22, 2012 letter to priests in Florida, claiming to have recruited “a network of local volunteers to monitor parishes and document the nature of all partisan activity taking place there.”



Catholic Spring?
Will I get to vote for my favourite priest, bishop…?


“Nothing to see here folks, move along…”

I’m glad some light is actually being shed on this. It’s a relief to have something concrete to point to when people make accusations of conspiratorial paranoia. Now it may not make much difference in the mind of the accuser, but at least it’s concrete.


This has DNC written all over it. Fear and intimidation. It worked.

One of the two present candidates has expressed clear support for repealing the Lyndon Baines Johnson amendment to the federal tax code. Said amendment threatens Churches with federal taxes if a federal tax court decides they participated in political activity. Johnson(†) is long gone, and his amendment should follow him into the history books.

The other candidate is seeking to change the Church via internal subversion.

Choose wisely.


‘Hillary for Prison’…make that ‘Hillary and Bill for Prison’…


I agree.

And when it comes to Catholic teaching on issues such as Marriage and the Family, Abortion etc, how could they not eventually twist this to be classified as ‘engaging in politics’ when one party has a political platform in stark opposition to these teachings of the Church on these issues? Effectively they will use it to try and silence the Church saying anything on such issues I believe, which we see they were already trying with these pseudo Catholic organizations who were wolves in sheep’s clothing that they unleashed on the Catholic Church.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


I’ve just started a Catholic Spring folder. These stories are only to amass and worsen with time, I fear.


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