Did a man purchase an indulgence from Tetzel for his future robbery of the same?


Sorry to ask another Tetzel question, but they’ve been coming up a lot with Reformation Day coming up this week. I am fully aware that Tetzel was committing simony and was not supported by the Church in his sale of indulgences. I’m asking about a specific event involving a specific person who happened to be a member of the Catholic Church.

Wikipedia tells a story about a man who asked Tetzel if he could buy an indulgence for a future sin. He did so, and then “used” that indulgence to rob Tetzel dumb, deaf and blind. The original question on Christianity dot stackexchange can be found if you search “Was Tetzel robbed by a man who had preemptively bought an indulgence?”

There is an answer explaining why the story probably can’t be attributed to Luther, but is there any other verification available as to whether this happened?


Sorry, I don’t know, but if this is what happened, the purchaser was committing the sin of presumption.
One cannot fool God.


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