Did a Pope canonise Lucifer?


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I hink the answer to the question is “Obviously, not.” However, I was debating an Evangelical the other night, and he asserted that the Popes and Councils had erred or contradicted one another. At my asking him for one example, he stated that some Pope in history had canonised Lucifer. I immediately dismissed this as nonsense, as it has the smack of anti-Catholic mythology behind it.

However, if anyone could provide me any information about htis myth, and its provenance, so I can more completely refute this guy, I would be most grateful! :confused:

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! :slight_smile:

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Sorry, please use this thread and ignore the other one - I posted this topic twice after making a mistake in the title! :S


This is a polemic intended to mix fact and fiction to disparage the Catholic Church. It turns out that there was a Bishop named “Lucifer”.

More Here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Lucifer
and Here: Lucifer of Cagliari

He was staunchly anti-Arian and extremely effective in combating this heresy.

There were a small sect of his followers who are called the Luciferians.

This IS NOT Lucifer the fallen angel who became Satan.

Note, that it is not so alarming that this bishop should have this name since the name “Lucifer” was the highest regarded angelic name in heaven pre-fall. So its a actually a highly regarded name when understood in that pre-fall context. It is only after the fall that this seraphic angel becomes the worst demon in all of creation - Satan.



The article actually says he damaged the orthodox cause by his virulence, and that he and his sect became schismatic for a time.

– Mark L. Chance.


Yeah this is one example of why I try to avoid rhetoric and polemics in apologetics discussions. It really just doesn’t help.

Canonized Lucifer? Yeah…right.:rolleyes:

Two words that always defeat that kind of propaganda. “Prove it!”

They can’t.


I would remind your friend that lucifer is also a term for the server that carries the candle during the procession. Lucifer is just a Latin word whose use is not limited to naming a devil.


There are at least two possible sources for this:

  1. a misunderstanding about the 4th-century bishop & Saint already mentioned. BTW, he was not canonised by any Pope: the reservation of canonisation to the Popes happened only very much later - most Saints until 1200 or so were honoured without involving Rome.

  2. reliance on a book which claims that the CC, by honouring certain persons as Saints, has canonised the devil


What’s the problem here? Lucifer isn’t the devil’s name. Isaiah 14:12 refers to the king of Babylon, not satan. :wink:


Actually the whole association of Lucifer with Satan may be a result of KJV translation errors from popular traditions and assumptions. I have not looked into it. Some of the OT verses don’t seem to add up in the morphing of Lucifer to Satan.



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