Did a topic just disappear?


Hi everyone,
I’m sorry for posting this in this forum but this morning I read a topic that I was really interested in reading later since I had to rush out. I distinctly remember the question being about doubts the person had remaining Catholic because some Protestants were saved anyway and they mentioned it’s easier than the mortal sin you’re in wen you’re part of the Catholic church.
I’m just posting this question because I’ve literally spent over an hour searching because I was interested in the answers and none of the topics I’ve read and opened are it.
So in case anyone participated or knows of that thread I’d love to read it.
Sorry again for any forum rules this question breaks. Just found it strange I can’t find it anymore. I’ll use the watch feature next time for sure.
Thank you


I don’t think I participated in it, so I don’t know if what I’m about to say is correct, but a reason you may be unable to find it is because the topic was closed and deleted due to excessive flagging.


Oh ok. Thank you. I did read through the first few answers, there seemed to be quite a few and i didn’t notice any flags at the time but it may have happened after. Thank you for responding.


As Doc Brown would say…


I have i guess what they call “baby brain”…when i clicked on the link curious as to the video and saw the error page I still wondered what video it was you were trying to show me.
Then it hit me, lol.
Thanks for the laugh.
It seemed like such a genuine question though and it was so suited to my season in the faith.

edit- oh it was a real video! i did get an error though. i’ll watch it now

LOL i just saw it. Very funny thank you. Time sure flies.


That indivual may have been suspended and his thread subsequently yanked.

EDIT: there have been quite a few threads that start out here seemingly earnest, and then got more trolly as it progressed. I think I recall the thread you were talking about, but can’t say for certain what happened to it.


That has happened to me, well, mostly because I forget the name or location of the thread.

I have taken to bookmarking something I really want to read but don’t have the time. Probable wouldn’t work if a whole thread was erased, however.


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