Did Adam write a book?


A serious question. Where did the writer of Genesis get the material from to write the book? I understand that there are influences from other cultures in the book, e.g. perhaps the Gilgamesh epic.

But did Adam, or Abraham or others write down their stories? Or were their tales passed on by word of mouth, and then combined by Moses in writing Genesis?

Any help greatly appreciated.



It would have been oral tradition passed on from generation to generation. The Catholic Church does not require us to interpret Genesis in a literal historical manner as long as we accept the basic doctrinal tenants which it seeks to convey…so we need not necessarily assume that each detail of the creation story, for example, literally happened as described in Genesis. Were Adam and Eve real people, our First Parents, who rebelled against God? Yes, we believe this as a matter of faith…but whether their rebellion took the exact form we see in the highly symbolic account recorded in Genesis is open to discussion. The Sacred Writers employed the genre of “creation myth”. This doesn’t mean that Genesis isn’t true (myth is not a dirty word!), just that the style and symbolism of that particular genre were employed to convey the truths of our faith. The Holy Spirit would have ensured that the Sacred Writers drew upon the correct oral traditions.


As Paul said “all Scripture is God-breathed” so accounts are not dependant upon human recollection but divine revelation. Keep in mind that Moses had a special relationship with God and even talked back and forth with Him.


Come on own up… How many people thought Adam wrote his segment and then passed it onto the next man?


The LDS guy after Sunday School last Sunday. His question prompted me to post the question. Sunday School is on the Old Testament and we are in Genesis. Some real “doozy” beliefs (the kindest I can put it.

This question is not “doozy” and I suspect many Catholics have the same problem.

For me, I am not sure. Adam could have written things down - he lived 900 years after all. He had time to learn. Some writings have been dated back 5 or 6 thousand years. There must be at least verbal hand on of the story unless we believe that it was all given through inspiration… or made up.


probably oral tradition ( flood duh :rolleyes: ) or he wrote down then when more discord came other descendants passed the story on.

God bless


Any special kind of book that Adam wrote? Must have been full of regrets and apologies.


It would have gotten a bit messy with the tower of Babel too. Everyone scattered around the world and the pages left behind.


I was always under the impression that Adam did not write anything down. I’m not exactly sure what time period the Israelites adopted writing but Moses obviously authored the Torah. Oral Tradition was (and is still very important) in the Levant and farther into the Middle East by many ethnic groups. Considering how strong oral tradition is with the Jews throughout their history (ie the Mishnah in the Talmud, the “Oral Torah”) it’s probably safe to assume that the story of Adam was passed down orally and later written down by Moses and others.


I wonder how accurate oral statements passed down many generations would have been…stories and accounts of even recent events tend to get “embellished” as they are retold by more and more people…


John 14:25-26 I have said these things to you while still with you; but the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of all I have said to you.


Exactly! That’s what separates Scripture from every other kind of writing. With the help of modern scholars, so many Catholics are not looking past the human transmission of the Bible and fail to adopt the mindset that God has touched the pen of every author of the Bible. Scripture has actually less human factors and more revelation by means of the Holy Spirit. it amazes me that even some Christians will accept that Scripture is a product of myths and forgeries, and a compilation of some truth mixed with legend, as if it was apocrapyphal.


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