Did Aliens Existed or Not

Hello Everyone, What do you all think about Aliens existence. Please tell your point of view. Are we alone in this Universe or Some other creatures like Aliens.

I believe that it is probable that life exists elsewhere in the universe, not just on Earth. I do not believe this life has visited us. My guess is that it is just as ignorant of our existence as we are of its. But I think the size of the universe indicates that God has probably created life elsewhere.


You didn’t give an “I don’t know option”…I don’t know:shrug:

Enrico Fermi, the great scientist, posed the question of if there are advanced civilizations “out there”, why haven’t any of them come to us considering such technology can exist.

C. S. Lewis speculated that it may be that the reason we do not know of other sentient beings is because God does not want them to contact us and so be contaminated.

Even Carl Sagan thought it unlikely we’ll ever hear from or meet aliens because of the great distances between star systems and the variance in when civilizations capable of space travel arise and fall.

As for me, if there are aliens I would like to meet them some day, but like Lewis I would be afraid of us contaminating them. So, I think it unlikely that we will meet them until Christ returns and we have been perfected.

On the other hand, there may not be any other sentient beings, or at least none that we could relate to as one person to another. The fact is, no one knows and the Church hasn’t said anything about it because it is not a part of the deposit of faith. So, we are free to speculate about it.

I think the possibility is greater they do than they do not. I think this video is interesting to consider when contemplating the idea of intelligent life elsewhere. youtube.com/watch?v=fgg2tpUVbXQ

I took the question to mean intelligent or sentient alien life. But didn’t they find fossilized bacteria in that meteor in like 1996? Please tell me I’m not the only who remebers this.

So, anyway, I voted “no.” Sorry. I’m probably the only person who doesn’t believe in space aliens but does believe in Bigfoot. :shrug:

For anyone interested in this question, and interested in Catholicism, I wonder if you read “The Sparrow” or “Children of God” by Mary Doria Russell. I read the The Sparrow, and I liked it enough to buy Children of God, which I have not yet read.

You do not have to be a sci-fi junkie to like it, but it’s not for delicate sensibilities. The religious undertones are fairly strong, and they depict Jesuit missionaries in a positive light.

Lovely pictures, but I’m not sure we have to buy into the whole “because there are so many galaxies there have to be Earth-like planets out there somewhere” theory. I’m not saying there can’t be, but size alone, number of galaxies alone, and number of stars alone cannot answer the question are we alone in the universe or not.

All the things that must be present for other Earth-like planets to exist might not be as common as we think. They could be, but we have no way of knowing that just going by the “the universe is so big there must be life elsewhere” idea. The theory doesn’t take enough variables into account. I see it as wishful thinking rather than good science.

I remember it, and I remember it being seriously called into question later.

Here is an article on it. Warning for those without Firefox using Adblock, when I clicked on this page, there were offensive campaign advertisements.


It isn’t wishful thinking. The universe is huge, beyond what a human mind can really comprehend. From the calculations I’ve read about, it is improbable that there are no other Earth-like planets. The conditions required for life are probably rare, but not that rare.

What I’m saying is there isn’t enough evidence, so far to get people on board with the idea that there must be sentient alien life “out there.” Not yet. Maybe one day there will be, but until there is more evidence, it is wishful thinking to put out such an idea as a certainty.

I didn’t say it was certain, only probable. It really isn’t about wishful thinking.

In my Father’s house there are many mansions…There are other sheep which are not of this flock…What do you make of that?

My option is “Only God Knows”.

Yes, that passage has generally come to my mind as well. I think there are some OT passages as well that seem to indicate ‘others’.

Vatican: It’s ok for Catholics to believe in aliens.


Hi Tom Shaikh,

Depends upon how and what you mean.

Whether or not we’re alone in the universe, the fact remains that nobody has ever produced a spaceship, nor any part thereof; nor has anybody ever produced an extraterrestrial, alive or dead.

Guys like me would love to have evidence of alien life, bigfoot, unicorns, psychic powers, God, Jesus Christ and a host of other things. I think it’d be great. Until there’s something convincing, these things remain fun philosophical topics and the fodder for daydreams…nothing more.

Had to vote no, for now… (oooooooooeeeeeeeeoooooooo)

Without a “Don’t know/Can’t know” answer, this poll is not complete.

Sorry, But I need to get answer in Yes or No. You have to be confident in your life. I will prefere everyone to be straight forward in your polls. I will tell later which post i like the best in the END of the Poll. After this thread go invalid. Thanks For Your Participations Guys.

Your comment which implies that you are not confident in your life if you can’t say yes or no to this poll made this thread lose all credibility to me.

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