Did any of the Church Fathers write about the prophecy of Tyre's destruction?


If they did, I’d very much like a link to their writings on this topic!


I was reading that very thing in the Bible several weeks ago and it struck me so that I went to a map to see if Tyre was still there and then I tried to look it up to see if it had been destroyed… let me know if you find anything else. I’ll wait around here to see. Hopefully someone will know…


The commentary in the Navarre Bible on Isaiah 23:1-18 relates it either to when it was beseiged by the Assyrians and Babylonians or when it was taken by Alexander the Great.


I found this:


I already trusted that the prophecy hadn’t been falsified (I borrowed Jerome & Augustine’s approach to reading Scripture) but I think this link has the most satisfying explanation.

Here’s my summary since that paper is extremely, extremely long:

  1. Alexander fulfilled the “Tyre will be thrown into the sea” prophecy (even the Tyrians themselves helped out partly with this).

  2. Nebuchadnezzar was NOT predicted to completely destroy Tyre, contrary to what a naive reading of the text in English seems to indicate

  3. The prophecy that Tyre will become a place to spread fishnets is being fulfilled today as I write this

  4. The few hovels on Tyre today do not count as a falsification of “You will never be rebuilt”, since the “You” refers not to just the literal buildings of Tyre, but to it’s reputation in the world.

  5. The exact location of the Tyre referred to in the prophecy isn’t completely certain

The fourth point probably seems unsatisfying as first glance, so read the whole article and it should put you at ease


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