Did anybody watch the hearing today on Fox News


They were questioning FBI agent Strzok. I can see now why our Government is short on money and not much gets done. I mean really each and every person asking the questions on both sides was playing it up for the camera. They were embarrassing themselves. Grown people acting like children and trying to OUT shout each other. Then when the guy wanted to answer they’d stop him. Shoot let him answer and just give him enough time he would dig himself in a hole he couldn’t get out of.

I’ve been to our House of Representatives chamber in Baton Rouge twice and well let me just say as kindly as I can "the wheel of progress turns very slowly".


I saw a bit.

So many times I thought, why is he there if they aren’t letting him answer?

Just weird.

Adding, I watched on c-span.


I watched on OAN.


Republicans looked extremely foolish today. The FBI guy embarrassed them. It did not go the way the Repubs. thought it would. If the FBI was trying to tip the election for Hillary, how come they never came out in public with any info on Trump and the Russians until after the election even though according to today’s testimony by mid-October of 2016 that case was prioritized above the Clinton emails because they saw it as a greater threat to national security. And, of course, Comey publicized the Clinton investigation again just before the election which was a strong blow to Hillary’s already weak campaign effort. But nothing about Trump until after the votes were cast . . .


I heard clips on the radio.

The democrats scream about Trump colluding with Russia when the democrats were colluding with the FBI the whole time
so Hillary could win!

But the American voters were still victorious!


It amazes me that you and I drew such different conclusions from the same hearing. I guess we only hear what we want to hear.


Nah, I stopped watching Fox news around 4 years ago. It isn’t something I miss. Sounds like there were fireworks at yesterdays hearing over the FBI agents biased texts though. The agents anti President Trump writings certainly don’t put the FBI in a positive light.


I was amazed that the two sides got such different meaning from the IG report (and they had had the IG in there for questioning after the report…) Seems the left just depended on the final line of the IG report where it said no conclusions were drawn about political bias in investigations done by the FBI but when discussing Strock in particular in the body of the report there was plenty of bias showing and the IG even stipulated to that in his questioning afterwards… So you are right, read and see what you want. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle???


Not much gets done because you have senior FBI officials who spend all day texting their girlfriends and complaining about politics. 50,000+ texts?!?! Seriously, how did they find time to have sex?


I was embarrassed for our democracy . I know republic but either way. This is not what taxpayers had in mind.


It was.

Especially the part where he was told he couldn’t consult with the FBI attorney and testify about the investigation or face contempt charges.

Then a Texas congressman brought up his wife (would the same one give a mulligan to another man?). There was an uproar, and I heard a woman shout, “did you not take your medication?”



Text messages can be as short as 1 word or emoji.

Much shorter than a post here on CAF.


I bet maybe 3 or 4 people might have read it in its entirety.


I’m amazed on how often he wasn’t given time to answer.

The Texan guy went off and then when he started to address it, said that he hadn’t asked a question yet.


I’d lock Congress in and ring it with Army troops. Then, I’d walk in and deliver the Ultimatum:

“Fix this County. Take as long as you want but you’ll be staying here until there’s significant progress. Furthermore, you’ll be living off of hardtack and water during your stay. Enjoy!”


I watched some on fake news CNN (I was in a waiting room). The FBI agent was an embarrassing joke. He is unrepentant. It is ludicrous for him to say his bias didn’t enter in. This is the same organization that would use my private texts as proof of bias and intent against me in court.

The Democrats were equally embarrassing in defense of this clown and the clown show FBI.

That said, guys like Trey Gowdy and the Texas judge are using this just as much for political hay. They aren’t going to actually do something about the obvious problem of a thoroughly corrupt and incompetent FBI.


I understand what you are saying. It did seem like they didn’t give him a chance to answer, five minutes is such a short time… I thought they were doing that to get more questions in in their time and let him answer after the clock ran out. Not a good look, for sure…


While this hearing was more hostile than usual, it is the norm for most congressional hearings to feature speeches rather than questions from the members. Another tactic is to demand a yes or no answer to a complicated question, or to use up all a member’s time with the speech and then request a written answer for a question because there is no time left for an answer. I can’t imagine that anyone watching these hearings would want a career in politics, or at least they would support term limits so they can return to a more sane environment as soon as possible.


Strozk did himself no favors. He is haughty, arrogant, and unrepentant, and seemingly looked with disgust at anyone who could possibly question his or the FBI’s integrity.

Gohmert was right. If he and Page tooks vows to their spouses and could easily lie or deceive in order to break them, why should anyone believe anything he says? He did this to himself, and he contributed to the tarnishing of the FBI’s rep thanks to his lack of integrity.


I watched about 20 minutes of clips, both Republican and Democrat questions. I think there is something almost tragic-heroic in his self-delusion. He really believes or at least wants to really believe he was impartial and serving the good of the State. It is scary but fascinating from a psychological perspective. I also speak as a Christian, the importance of faith as opposed to your own will creating your values. He reminds me of me in a weird way, in my atheist days. And I am ok with the hearings; we can’t have opposing parties going after each other through the FBI, DOJ, etc. This is Watergate on steroids. I think Tocqueville would be with me on that, though I would not want to hear his assessment of Trump either. :star_struck:

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