Did anyone else see this?



First of all, the trailer looks so cheap, I could make a better one. So, I highly doubt it’s going to have the impact that “Super Size Me” or “Bowling for Columbine” did, as the site claims.
Secondly, it looks to me like it’s only going to show radical evangelicals, who, not suprisingly, will look crazy. They’ll portray all Christians to be this way, and so the movie will go.
Thirdly, they’re going to try to disprove that Jesus ever existed. Good luck with THAT. The problem is, all of the arguments they will use will have already been used a million times over, only to be rebutted everytime. Same old, same old.
And fourthly, the trailer says that there have been plenty of men in history who have been born of virgin births, or who have been persecuted and nailed to crosses, or who have raised from the dead, etc. But I would love for them to show me ONE who has done ALL of them in ONE lifetime, after which prophecies have been made. Yeah. Not gonna happen.

Luminaries from the Jesus Seminar? Another oxymoron; the only things they illuminate are their overblown egos. Another sad example of the fact that just because someone granted a fool a PhD does not change the fact that it was granted to a fool.

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