Did anyone ever do a Novena where you only eat bread and water for a number of days?


Did anyone ever do one of those novenas where you only eat bread and water for 9 days and is it a sin if you don’t finish it? I’m on day 7 and I’m craving for food with flavour sooooooo badly I want pizza so bad I only have 2 days left I stuck it out for 7 days I won’t break it if it’s a sin but I could really use a stuffed crust dominos pizza meat feast along with chicken wings with franks red hot sauce :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: the very thought makes my mouth water and stomach grumble


Just get it extra large once your fast is over. It’ll be worth it, I promise!


two days! you can do this!


I usually do bread-and-water Mondays for the souls of priests in Purgatory. I don’t know how efficacious it is… but I try.

Two more days! You’ve got it! :heart::heart::heart:


9 days of bread and water? Rosie11, I am on liquids only for a month. 31 days. I can’t have solid food at all.

You are only looking at 2 more days of your Novena and the bread and water. Stop thinking about the foods you are being deprived of and focus on the reason for your Novena. God will see you through.


It’s to get rid of curses and demons that follow your family it goes back 9 generations that’s what I was told anyway can I have something to eat on midnight tomorrow technically midnight is the next day isn’t it?


Drink a lot of water and hopefully you will feel full. You can also find distractions like T.V.


Rosie11, your family is not cursed and never has been. Whoever started this superstition in your family may have felt there was a curse placed. But there wasn’t.

Who do you believe in more? God or this alleged curse?

Regarding eating, the time you can resume is the time you began praying your Novena after the 9th day is over. If you began it at midnight, then you may resume eating the foods at midnight on the 16th not the 15th. If you began at 7am or 8pm, that is when you eat on the 16th.


I’m sorry to say that I gave in :sob: I couldn’t help myself my dad forgot that I was doing the novena and brought some food to me in my room he left t on the table and it was just me and the pasta bake right in front of my face I thought “just one taste” then that one taste turned into me wolfing down the whole bowl of pasta bake


I feel really guilty now like so so so guilty I feel guilty that I broke my Novena but I also feel guilty that I ate so much carbs in one sitting


Did it satisfy your hunger and your cravings? Did you enjoy it?

Don’t beat yourself up over messing up. Your dad meant well.

When you begin your next Novena, be sure to let your family know of your intentions, perhaps also have a note or sign on your door reiterating your intention to refrain from food for the 9 days and the reason. It will also be a reminder and encouragement for you when you need it. :hugs:


You’re human, Rosie11. You didn’t mean to slip up. You’ll do better the next time. You’ll have your times and dates written down. You’ll have alerted your family to your Novena intentions. And hopefully, us too so we can pray for you and give encouragement when you need it.

In my case, I can’t have anything solid for a month due to having throat surgery. And while I chose to do this, I have 2 times during the day when it’s hard not to give in to my cravings. If I do, I could choke or suffocate because right now, even a milkshake could get stuck in my throat due to it being so swollen from the surgery.

I see my surgeon in 2 weeks. And if the swelling has gone down enough, I hope that even though I’m supposed to be on nothing but liquids for a month that he will allow me to have jello, which counts as a clear liquid but because it thickens in the fridge after being made, isn’t on my approved list yet. I also long to get the okay to eat rice again.

I think you wanted pasta and Dominos Pizza. I want a BK Whopper and fries so bad I can taste them in my dreams.

I ask that you pray for me to make it through this since it’s harder than I thought it would be. And I continue to lift you and your intentions in prayer.


Oh that is disappointing! I would use this as an opportunity to focus on growing in strength and fortitude for next time, which should be a while from now. 7 days is hard to do! You failed, but that is part of life sometimes. Learn from it and grow from it and you will not fail again!


I never tried a fast of this nature before. How spiritually rewarding is it?


Seven days is not failing. It’s admirable. Most people would’ve given in by the third day.


When the goal is 9, 7 is failing. And it’s ok to fail.


You see not making nine days as failure. But it isn’t. Focus on the number of days Rosie11 kept her fast. Seven days is wonderful. Not everyone makes it to that point. She did. That’s success!


Nope. That’s not how the difference between success and failure works. It does focus on the positive but facts are facts. The op. Failed at just eating bread and water for 9 days. They made it 7 days which I think is less than 9.

Ps the OP should finish the 9 out.
PPS. My kids would love it if you graded their schoolwork.


There was success of a septena…:wink:


It was very rewarding but I failed with only 2 days to go if you try it I suggest you clear your whole house of delicious food and only have bread in your cubbard less tempting that way

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