Did anyone ever do a Novena where you only eat bread and water for a number of days?


I will be sure to pray for you when I do my divine mercy at 3 o clock today I will offer it for you and I’ll also offer my rosary for you god bless


Success is in the trying.
Failure is not even making the attempt.


Thank you, Rosie11. I appreciate it.


But gosh. We tried hard! The motto of every losing team ever…


Success is in the trying.
Failure is not even making the attempt.


And if your son loses the championship game, do you tell him he failed because he missed the ball? Or do you tell him that he’s a success because he gave it his best shot?

Not everyone acheives their goal the first time, HD. It may take many tries before the goal is attained. But to consider it a failure because it didn’t happen this time is defeatist.

Like learning to walk, there are stumbles and falls. And the solution is to get up and try again. You won’t know if you don’t try.


If that was the best shot. Then I agree. But it wasn’t. Because they failed. Maybe next time they will have success. Again, my kids would live it if you graded their school work! No wrong answers!


I’ll tell you. If I were your children’s teacher, I would definitely cheer them on.


Yes, that’s important. But also tell them 7 is not 9! Lol!


I prayed for you today did you feel my prayers? My grandmother said sometimes people can feel you praying for them


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